13 Podcasts All Web Designers Should Subscribe To


Podcasts can be an engaging way of learning new techniques or staying up to date with what other designers have to say. Today, we'll look at a bunch of popular podcasts (most of them available on iTunes) that I reckon the majority of web designers should be subscribed to.

1. Boagworld

Boagworld is an award-winning podcast hosted by Paul Boag, contribitor here at Webdesigntuts+, and director of UK web design firm Headscape. Boagworld is undoubtedly one of the most popular web design podcasts around, recently undergoing a relaunch this year with a new format. The podcast publishes in a number of seasons, each covering one aspect of web design in six episodes.

Both the current and classic episodes can be found on iTunes. There's also a "quick tips" podcasts with epsiodes typically no longer than about 4 minutes.

2. The Big Web Show

The Big Web Show is a web design podcast from 5by5 co-hosted by Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman (yep, the Jeffrey Zeldman who co-founded The Web Standards Project). The Big Web Show covers, in the hosts' words, "web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology and more", and has 56 weekly episodes under its belt.

The Big Web Show is avaliable to subscribe to on iTunes, in both video and audio, although the video feed seems to be missing a few recent episodes.

3. ExplicitWeb

ExplicitWeb is a light-hearted podcast, started during March last year, covering "the front lines" of website design and development. Each show clocks in at around 30 minutes, and is aimed at intermediate audiences.

ExplicitWeb is also available on iTunes as an audio-only podcast.

4. Think Vitamin Radio

Think Vitamin Radio is a fortnightly podcast, around 35 minutes in length, discussing web design, development and applications. Think Vitamin's podcast is hosted by Keir Whitaker, editor of Think Vitamin. The show also regularly hosts special guests and interviews of interest, so is well worth checking out.

Think Vitamin Radio is also available on iTunes as an audio podcast.

5. Freelance Radio

Freelance Radio (an Envato podcast which ran under FreelanceSwitch) is now unfortunately defunct. However, the archive is still available on iTunes.

The podcast covers freelancing tips and techniques, such as negotiating a freelance contract and creating quotes. However, as i've mentioned, the podcast is no longer update and remains only as an archive.

6. Web Design TV

Web Design TV comes from the makers of .net magazine and covers a wide variety of web production topics. The podcast is hosted by award-winning designer Paul Wyatt who's worked with brands such as BBC and Sony BMG.

The podcast has a diverse range of topics, ranging from interviews with popular YouTubers to looking at Flash Catalyst. From the looks of it, the podcast is available exclusively on iTunes, with select video versions available on Vimeo.

7. Web Axe

Web Axe takes a different spin on web design podcasts, specifically looking at web accessibility. Each episode is hosted by Dennis Lembree.

The podcast is available on iTunes, from episode #90 onwards.

8. SitePoint

SitePoint is an Australian publisher of books and websites, also hosting a podcast that covers all manner of the web: a mix of design and development.

SitePoint is pretty diverse through its 129 episodes (so far) covering everything from "taking PHP to the next level" to "CSS tricks with Chris Coyier", so there's probably something you'll be interested in listening to here.

The podcast, ranging from around 30-55 minutes, is available on iTunes.

9. CreativeXpert Design Interviews

CreativeXpert is a discontinued podcast which consisted of interviews with web designers and other creative types, hosted by Eric Anderson and Alan Houser. Guests include names like Andrew Wilkinson and Scott Thomas, whose interviews were published in 2009.

As mentioned, the podcast is now discontinued but the archive is still available on iTunes.

10. Voices of Design

Voices of Design is another podcast which, while no longer updated, still has an archive available on iTunes. Voices of Design was published by Adobe and features interviews with creative professions in many fields, including web design.

The podcast is a mix of both audio and video interviews back in 2007.

11. This Week In Web Design

This Week In Web Design is - you guessed it - a weekly podcast that's hosted by Jose Caballer. The podcast features guest experts in business, technology, marketing and business with then aim of simplifying your web design workflow, and steering you towards better design.

The podcast is part of the ThisWeekIn network, available through that site and on iTunes.

12. WebDesignTuts+ Podcast

Now's as good a time as any to plug our own podcast here at WebDesignTuts+. All the video content you see here at WebDesignTuts+, from my fellow contributors (and myself), is aggeregated into a single podcast available on iTunes.

The podcast features tutorials and screencasts ranging from beginner and pro's guides to Fireworks, to step-by-step complete site screencasts.

13. From The Couch

From the Couch is a podcast hosted from, well, a couch by brothers Marc and David Perel. The show covers everything from CSS tips to discussing the business of web design. From the Couth is not scripted, making a lighthearted change from dull, technical talk.

I can't find this podcast on iTunes, but it is available in a series of Vimeo videos.

Bonus: iTunes Tech News

As the technology industry advances, web design follows. Without the advancements in smartphones, we wouldn't have the same class of mobile web design we have now. Therefore, be sure to check out all of the tech news podcasts on iTunes. Many, like Buzz Out Loud, are light-hearted and can offer a break from all your work.


That's 13 of some of the most notable design podcasts, both current and archived. If you're looking for some great web development podcasts, be sure to check out Top 15 Podcasts All Web Developers Should Follow on our sister site, NetTuts+.

I always like writing roundups because not only does it hopefully help some readers in finding new resources, but most of the time spurs discussion in the comments with reader's own suggestions. So, please share your favourite web design podcasts in the comments!

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