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Looking for a new web design job? The FreelanceSwitch Job Board is a great resource of freelance gigs and opportunities. New opportunities are posted every day for web designers, and come from a wide range of potential clients. Today we're showcasing a few of the latest positions that might be perfect for Webdesigntuts+ readers!

Web Developers and PSD to XHTML/CSS/Javascript Experts

Budget: $500 to $1,000 — Location: Anywhere

We're looking for freelance web developers to lend a hand for a few projects we're working on.

We're looking for web developers who have a good experience of building things on the web, and have big ambitions when it comes to delivering development. If you have experience working with...

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • XHTML & CSS2
  • jQuery & Javascript
  • Wordpress
  • PSD Conversions
  • RoR

We have a high standard and quality verification office for the coding and development, we use basecamp and provide with free accounts for dropbox for our most talented people, we want to work on long terms so we will pay invoice for services weekly.

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Senior Web Designer

Budget: $10,000+ — Location: Columbia, MO

The primary purpose of this role is to provide senior graphic design services on an on-going basis for Veterans United Home Loans and its divisions. This position will also assist with the creative and art direction of projects, and marketing communication campaigns.

The Senior Graphic Designer will assist the Graphic Designers and direct them on the layout, design and production of projects.

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Website UI Designers

Budget: $500 to $1,000 — Location: Anywhere

Do you have the creative sense for User Interface (UI) Design? Then, we are inviting you to showcase your talent now. is looking for web UI designers who are expected to do the following key functions:

  • Create user-friendly UI designs and applications which maintain a consistent look-and-feel for each of the Exvo applications
  • Work on a variety of projects that require a passion for the user experience and an eye for detail
  • Work closely with our Front-End Development team to understand user needs and create interactive mock-ups by using Adobe Fireworks
  • Contribute to the user experience and continually improve interface designs


  • Extensive experience in user-friendly UI designs- Must be creative and open to new technology- Must have vast knowledge and application of Adobe Fireworks

Note: Be ready for a quick skills test!

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Freelance Designer for Web App

Budget: $2,500 to $5,000 — Location: United States

We're developing several Web applications that gather specific information from the user and then display relevant information to them.

We're looking for a talented designer to work with our content team to design the GUI for the Web app, basing it off our existing website design and color scheme (to be provided). We would also like to find a provider who can, upon design approval, create valid HTML/CSS markup for the design, though this is not required. Please note, however, that you will NOT need to code the functionality of the application; you would only need to provide the GUI markup.

Applicants should have experience building Web application GUIs and experience in user experience design and concepts. You also MUST be based on the United States and agree to not outsource any aspect of the project.

To apply, please provide links to samples of Web application GUIs you've developed as well as what hourly rate you charge. Please also indicate whether you can provide HTML/CSS markup services.

Designer must be willing to sign a non-disclosure, confidentiality and transfer of ownership agreement. Applications without work samples or hourly rate will not be considered. Non-U.S.-based applicants will not be considered.

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And Lots More...

These are just a handful of the positions currently being offered over at at Job Board, so be sure to head over and take a look at the full selection. We also have a few RSS feeds that will keep you updated with new openings, and you can even choose only to hear about those specific to web design!

To apply for any of these jobs, simply pick up a FreelanceSwitch membership for an affordable $7 a month. See something you like? Join now!

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