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Reader's Poll! Do You Work in Flash?

by released a poll a week ago that got me thinking... how many web designers/developers work in Flash nowadays? Is Flash a part of your web designer arsenal?

Web Designers: Do You Use Flash?

It seems like at some point a few years ago (perhaps right around the time Apple released their iOS), I stopped using Flash with any regularity. Sure, I still opened it up once in a while, but something in the back of my mind turned off and I eventually stopped using it as one of my standard workflow programs.

The funny thing is, back when I did use Flash, I loved it - the workflow is smooth (and newer versions got even better), the deployment process is easy, and it's one of the few programs that you can design, code, and publish from. Furthermore, there are a LOT of amazing websites out there that can only be made with Flash... and every day there seems to be another amazing site or app that used the Flash platform as the foundation.

As a web designer, I find myself trying to discover ways to replicate cool "Flash" effects with HTML/CSS/JS, which thankfully, is usually pretty simple. This leads me to my question: How many web designers are using Flash as one of their "go-to" web design tools? Am I the only one that's using Flash less than ever? Or am I just missing out on some awesome possibilities by neglecting the program?

Let the Discussion Begin!

There was a day in age when the "Flash vs HTML" debate was hot and heavy... nerves were high and everyone was eager to see who conquer the web. The debate seems to have cooled off a bit lately, but I'm curious to hear what the opinions are right now. Web designers are the heart and soul of the internet, so it'll be interesting to hear what you guys/gals have to say on the matter. Join the discussion and post your own opinion down below!

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