Resource Roundup: 10+ Sources for Web Background Patterns


Creating background patterns can be a bit of a pain in the butt if you don't have the patience to do it properly... That's why finding professional sources for pre-made background patterns can be a huge time saver. In the collection below, we have carefully gathered 12 websites where you can download awesome background patterns. We'll also share over 100 background patterns that you can use in your own projects!

Patterns, Patterns, and More Patterns!

Today we're bringing you over 100 background patterns to use in your own web designs. We're going to start each "source site" with a quick intro, and then list off 10 of our favorite patterns from each site. One thing to pay attention to is the file formats... These come in a couple different formats, including:

  • Illustrator Files (drag and drop into your web designs)
  • .PAT Files (drop these files into your Photoshop or Fireworks "Presets/Patterns" folder)
  • .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF files (you can make these into patterns from Photoshop or Fireworks, or just use them directly in your HTML docs).

From straight edged grid-like patterns to wild and funky multi-colored sets, we've got something for everyone here!

Graphic River

Web Design Background Patterns

Graphic River is a site dedicating to allowing designers to sell their design elements to other designers for a few bucks. All of the following files cost a few bucks, but having used quite a few of them myself, I can say they are worth digging around for the couch-cushion money. Here are just a few of our favorites:


Web Design Background Patterns

Brusheezy is another fantastic resource site. All of the files here are free, and they come in a variety of different file formats. Here are our favorites:


Web Design Background Patterns

WebTreats offers some of the highest quality sets in this mix... we love their attention to detail and the fact their patterns are created with web designers in mind. Check out some of our favs:

Vector Valley

Web Design Background Patterns

Vector Valley has a great selection of unique patterns... from floral victorian damask to hot-pink shape gradients. Here's just a few that we like:

Ava7 Patterns

Web Design Background Patterns

Ava7 offers some neat ways of sorting through their library - you can actually sort by shape, color, and other settings - all of this makes it pretty easy to find a pattern that suits your fancy. here are just a few of our picks:


Web Design Background Patterns

Din Pattern

Web Design Background Patterns

Deviant Art

Web Design Background Patterns

DeviantArt is a community site where designers and artists can share their work... it might seem like an unlikely place to find great web design resources, but their outstanding browsing interface and huge library of contributions actually makes it a pretty great place to get started in any hunt for quality patterns. Here's just a few samples:


Web Design Background Patterns

ColorBurned has a nice collection of some of the funkier pattern sets that we've seen in a while. If you're looking for something that's a little outside of the normal beaten path, check these out:


Web Design Background Patterns

Flickr is another place that most people probably don't think of as a source of web design patterns... but a closer inspection reveals that quite a few people are sharing their home-brew patterns on the site. Check out some of our favs:

Pattern Head

Web Design Background Patterns
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