The Best of ThemeForest - April 2011 Edition


It's April, and nearly the turn of the month. What does that mean? Another ThemeForest roundup of course! This is our curated list of what's been going on at one of the world's most popular premium theme marketplaces that also points out our favourite themes and web elements from the past month.

Featured Author

This month's featured author is revaxarts. Revaxarts' portfolio consists of only five files on ThemeForest, but has helped the Austrian web desginer reach over 600 sales, earning him a black paw. His most popular file is a beautiful under construction page that has sold over 210 times at it's $5(+2) price tag.

Revaxarts is also known for his The Documenter and Envatitor scripts which help other ThemeForest designers in various causes.

Featured New Author

web_gab is a team of one, a graphic designer named Gabriel Ciprian. Whilst he's been signed up onto the Envato marketplaces since October of 2009, his first theme only went up late last month. FreshIdeas is a CSS template that includes a Facebook FBML template all within it's $12(+2) price tag.

Free File of March

OverALL is this month's free file of the month, the one file on ThemeForest you can download without charge for one month only (and as the end of the month is arriving soon, you better be quick!).

OverALL is an HTML/CSS template that features a drop-down menu, working contact form and slider. The theme also includes twenty shortcodes, Cufon text replacement and five different color options. You should also take note of the integrated gallery with video support.

The Best of ThemeForest...

As with each month, there's been some great themes in April! I've picked out my personal favourite files that were published in April alone but be sure to share yours in the comments.


Mazine is a WordPress theme featuring a minimalist white background and beautiful serif typography. As an e-commerce theme on WordPress it includes a functional plugin as well as contact and newsletter ones. Starting at only $35, it's an attractive proposition to anyone starting out their online store on WordPress.


I once went through a phase where I designed everything from websites to desktop publishing in a bold, white/black contrast with bold fonts like Impact. Geometric has a similar style featuring an inversable white/black color scheme and customizable backgrounds. Like Mazine, it also features multiple plugins and modules. Unfortunately, however, this is a Joomla-only theme but I hope the developer, marbol2, is planning a WordPress theme because it's one i'd snatch up!


Vendor is an elegant WordPress theme that's perfect for product (or application) marketing. In fact, it's so nice, it'd probably make our application promo site roundup.


Livepuse is a portfolio theme for photographers. The beautiful template comes in four color varieties with four beautiful sliders. Livepulse has gained 24 sales in just four days on ThemeForest.


NewsMagazine24 boasts a minimalist color scheme for it's news WordPress theme. The theme, available starting at only $35, includes a multi-level drop down menu, built-in related posts and built-in social sharing. In only four days on ThemeForest, it had already garnered 19 sales.


Grace is another beautiful photographers with some awesome Ajax effects. If you want a photo-centric design, this could be the one you want, especially if you're on a budget of only $13! As it's a fairly unique theme, there's multiple layouts and templates that come with the theme and there's even an iPhone theme included at the low, low price!

Plus over 3,700 more...

As always, ThemeForest hosts thousands of great themes. Marrying a great review team with stringent quality guidelines, pretty much every file on ThemeForest is great and you should be sure to check out the wide selection available.

Across the Marketplaces...

ThemeForest is Envato's web design marketplace, however it's sister catalogues also feature some great web elements to use as part of, or aside, web templates.

Web Elements Pack

The Web Elements Pack features a bunch of beautiful web elements (naturally!). The pack includes six different color schemes for it's $5 price tag.

Ultimate Button Pack

Ultimate Button Package includes a bunch of attractive buttons in 10 PSDs, all for $7.


CC Gallery is an amazing HTML5 gallery for images, videos and audio files. The stunning file executes amazingly well, just like coverflow within iTunes.

The Month at ThemeForest

Unnamed user hits $40k/month in marketplace sales

ThemeForest rockstar Kresi has, in the past, mentioned his $30k/month earnings on the premium themes marketplace, but another user has surpassed him. We can't tell who it is, but the Envato Notes blog mentions the user garnered over forty-thousand American dollars in sales in one month, a new marketplace record. The blog post doesn't indicate whether this is sales or post-commisions earnings, but even half that is still an amazing feat for any user and definately enough to live off!

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