The Best of ThemeForest - March 2011 Edition


We're back with a new installment of our "The Best of ThemeForest" which is a curated list of the goings-on at one of the world's biggest premium web design retailer. Whether you're searching for inspiration, or looking for something to buy, be sure to check out our roundup after the break. And this month, we'll be introducing some additional items from other marketplaces such as web elements from GraphicRiver and CodeCanyon.

Featured Author

This month's featured author is obox. Obox is ran by two brothers, David and Marc Perel, who work together with one designing and one developing. Their portfolio of eleven themes has amassed 156 sales (at the time of writing) earning them a red paw. The South African pair have also gained 40 followers since their January 2011 joining date.

Featured New Author

DMThemes is quite a ThemeForest phenomonon who launched their only theme, CircloSquero, at the end of February. Less than a month later and it's already been sold over 600 times and have a solid four-star rating. Considering this has been done in far less than a month is an amazing feat for the duo followed by 84 users.

Free File of March

PHOTOME is this month's free file of the month, the one file on ThemeForest you can download without charge for one month only.

PHOTOME is a photography portfolio template that comes in two flavours of wood. This version is a static site template, but a WordPress version is also available from the same author. The integrated AJAX slider looks great and works unsurprisingly well with the dark wood background. Be sure to grab it before thr turn of the month!

The Best of ThemeForest...

March has seen some great new themes available on ThemeForest and this roundup recognises the great work that designers and developers alike have put into the marketplace. In compiling this list, i've tried to pick out some of the most unique additions to the marketplace but, if you have any personal favourites, be sure to share them in the comments section of this post.


Minerva is a minimalist business template designed with product promotion in mind. The package you'll get for your $22 payment is a 19-page, valid XHTML site with PSD and a working contact form included.


ANAN is a photography theme that's typography is just stunning! The body of ANAN's theme is a large image and there's multiple page templates which lays content out in alternative views. This file also has some text templates for individual gallery pages. The $37 price tag for this file is a huge bargain, in my eyes.

Qloud Landing Page

Qloud is a landing page for, what seems to be, software promotion. Qloud has an attractive range of typography, and - since it's a marketing site - conforms to many design principles including the Z-layout.


Coverage is a WordPress theme that markets itself as a "unique portfolio theme". The theme taeks advantage of some wordPress 3.1 features including the WP3 menu system.


Freshfolio is an curvy, horizontal, HTML theme aimed at [guess what], portfolio designs. If the theme's not attractive enough, the $14 price tag will be!


Looseleaf is a "woodsy, natural" theme that's surprisingly attractive. Head over to the theme demo and check out the page demos. The container breaks for the titles really complement the natural style.

Plus over 3,600 more...

As always, ThemeForest hosts thousands of great themes. Marrying a great review team with stringent quality guidelines, pretty much every file on ThemeForest is great and you should be sure to check out the wide selection available.

Across the Marketplaces...

ThemeForest is Envato's web design marketplace, however it's sister catalogues also feature some great web elements to use as part of, or aside, web templates.

UI Elements for Web UX Mockups

These UI elements demonstrate a beautiful set of professional buttons, sliders and icons.

Pricer Pricing Grid

Pricer is a CSS3 pricing grid available in three colour styles and is totally devoid of images or javascript. The file is cross-browser compatabily (including Internet Explorer 7 and up) and supports animation on some browsers.

Stiched Green Buttons

These buttons are an attractive set of green buttons with a nice, stiched effect on the ribbons. These are some of the best buttons i've come across this month and, if the green turns you off, it's incredibly easy to change the colour which just makes the whole package even better.

WordPress Ken Burns Slideshow

WordPress Ken Burns slideshow is a plugin for the popular blogging platform that generates a pan-and-zoom effect on a gallery of photos. This is not all, however. There's also an semi-transparent overlay with text. The only connotation is it's Adobe Flash roots causing some incompatabilities.

The Month at ThemeForest

ThemeForest Drops IE7 Compatability

ThemeForest staff announced it has dropped the Internet Explorer 7 compatability requirement for new themes due to it's decreasing market share and the recent IE9 release. However, IE 9 compatability will not be a requirement until a few months down the line once authors have familiarised themselves with Microsoft's critically-aclaimed, new release.

RevaxArts launches The Documenter

Ever feel the pain of writing out documentation for your new ThemeFores themes? RevaxArts has launched a new, web-based service to spice up the documentation process to create an attractive file. The service itself is very simple and free to use so be sure to check it out (and, if you want, offer Xaver a donation to thank him for your legion of satisifed buyers).

Developer Changes

Finally, let's go behind the scenes and note that there's been some changes in the marketplace's development teams. Whilst this may not directly affect your purchasing or creation on the various sites, you may be interested to know. Firstly, new developers have been added to the marketplace teams in the form of Mark and Chendo. On a sadder note, developer John writes on the forums:

On a sadder note, we’ve got a couple of departures: Glen from the marketplace team finished up with us a couple of weeks ago, and Fred who did a lot of work taking care of creattica and freelanceswitch is wrapping up today.

I'm sure you'll all wish those the best and look forward to another month of ThemeForest (and another roundup at the end of it!).

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