Tuts+ Wants You: We're Looking for a Razor-Sharp Regular Author


Webdesigntuts+ is growing. Traffic is on an upward trajectory, social interaction is continually climbing and we're getting more and more recognition from the industry as a whole. This is all thanks to one thing: consistent, quality content from talented and passionate contributors.

We're on the hunt for a regular author! Not just any author though, big changes are afoot and we're after someone who can help take Webdesigntuts+ even further. Someone who:

  • Lives and breathes web design (I'll spare you a predictable list of specific skills).
  • Believes in promoting core design fundamentals.
  • Has industry experience, preferably within an agency or team.
  • Is eager to help others learn and understands how to do so.
  • Can commit to writing/recording at least one article or tutorial per month.
  • Is absolutely razor-sharp.

Payment for this role reflects the fact that we want only the best. If you're the right candidate, we'll talk $$'s.

That's Me! What Now?

Simple: sell yourself!

We're not looking for a million words, just a couple of paragraphs about yourself, your interests in web design, why you're the person we're after, plus some examples of writing/screencasting/design work. Logical stuff.

Send your details to me (Ian) at webdesign[at], with the subject line "I'm razor-sharp".

Be aware that we won't be entertaining anything less than dazzling submissions (Tuts+ readers want the best, right?!) If you don't hear back from us, accept our apologies, but better luck next time.

Now, let's see those submissions :)

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