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WebDesignTuts+ is Envato's own home to web design related tutorials, screencasts and articles. However, across the Tuts+ network, there's a wealth of web-oriented articles. These cover both web design in a specific form (i.e. mobile design on MobileTuts+) and also techniques and technologies that can adversely affect design (such as Adobe Flash vs HTML5 on ActiveTuts+). So sit back and have a browse across the network and maybe discover something you wouldn't normally have seen.

The Articles

  • MobileTuts+: Mobile Wordpress Themeing

    MobileTuts+ ran a series on themeing mobile websites with Wordpress. In the first article, we are introduced to jQTouch, a framework used to create mobile websites. Even though the article is mainly oriented with the coding side of mobile app development, it does discuss the effectiveness and simplicity of using jQTouch to create a flush mobile site.

    Also on MobileTuts+: 7 Great App Promo Websites, a roundup of seven web designs that showcase mobile apps.

  • PhotoTuts+: Hints & Tips For Creating a Stunning Photography Portfolio Website

    PhotoTuts+ is a Tuts+ site dedicated to photography, but back in 2009 the editor, David Appleyard, published an article with tips to create photography portfolio websites. The article discusses theory such as how important navigation is in the design, and also how to practically implement these with software and app suggestions included. There's also a nice roundup at the end of some pleasing photography portfolios.

    Also on PhotoTuts+: 10 Steps for Building a Photography Portfolio to Be Proud Of, a roundup of seven web designs that showcase mobile apps.

  • NetTuts+: Design for Developers [Video]

    NetTuts+ publishes a recommended web development lecture each weekend and just in December, they posted a video of a "Design for Developers" talk at DjangoCon. This is an interesting, very interesting in fact, video presentation on the intersection between design and development on the web. It shows how web design and web development are not driving in different directions, design and development work together to progress and eventually need to co-operate in a web 2.0 mind.

    Also on NetTuts+: The Golden Ratio in Web Design, demonstrates the role of divine proportion in websites. This was wrote two years ago so you may also like to check out "Mathematics and Web Design: A Close Relationship" here on WebDesignTuts+.

  • PSDTuts+: The 3 Components of Good Web Design

    PSDTuts+ has many articles on interface design, but back in 2008, they published an article on the triangle of three web design components: aesthetic, information and interface design. This triangle is important because it's the mixture between good looking and usable designs.

    Also on PSDTuts+: 9 Important Designs Tips to Make You a Better Web Designer, is another part of PSDTuts+'s Web Design Session that is wrote by supreme leader Collis.

  • ActiveTuts+: 10 Flash Things You Can't Do With HTML5

    ActiveTuts+ writer Travis King wrote a fairly controversial article presenting ten things that HTML5 cannot achieve whilst Flash can. This article introduces the idea that Flash is still an active (get the pun, no?) part of web design. However, I like the post by commenter Daniel Libanori: "Ten Hammer Things You Can't Do With a Pen". Everyone will have an opinion on this but if you do prefer HTML5, don't feel the need to throw your notebook across the room, instead express it in the comments.

    Also on ActiveTuts+: 60 Flash Sites That Rock!, is a roundup of rockstar Flash sites and is wrote by the writer of our main ActiveTuts+ article, Travis King. Whilst these are Flash sites, if you don't work in this technology, check it out anyway as there's still some inspiration to have.

Bonus Freebie: Sexy Web Design - Free Preview

PSDTuts+ has a free 71-page preview of the eBook "Sexy Web Design" from SitePoint. Apparently it guides you through the entire process of creating an attractive, usable website that is completely user-oriented. Please note that this is advertised on PSDTuts+ but is actually supplied by SitePoint.

So there you have it...

Long before WebDesignTuts+ have Envato writers been writing web design articles on older sites. If you have an interesting web design oriented article from Envato, be sure to share the love in the comments.

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