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  • Ghost
    Keeping Up with Ghost 0.5Preview2
    The latest Ghost release provides a platform full of improvements and great signs of future potential, but practical customization is still limited to theming.Read More…
  • Node.js
    Introduction to Webhook: Custom CMS and Website BuilderWebhook preview
    Webhook is a new site building platform which was successfully backed on Kickstarter in May 2014 and has just been released to the public. The concept behind Webhook is, if you'll excuse my enthusiasm, absolutely brilliant.Read More…
  • CMS
    How to Get Dropplets CMS Up and RunningDropplets thumb
    Today we're going to take a look at Dropplets, a flat file CMS, built on PHP and made specifically for blogging. Weighing in at less than 1Mb it's very lightweight, but does it live up to its promises? Let's see.Read More…
  • Dropbox
    Using DropPages for a Super Easy Static WebsiteDroppages thumb
    You probably know that Dropbox is brilliant for storing data backups and sharing files, but did you know you can use it as a static site web host too? Thanks to nifty apps like DropPages, which we'll be covering here today, you can!Read More…
  • CMS
    Easier Tumblr Color Options With LESSTumblr 30 retina
    This really is the final video in what's been a massive series! In this lesson we'll see how LESS can improve our Tumblr theming workflow, specifically making color options more manageable.Read More…
  • CMS
    Introducing the Tumblr Static File Uploader and Theme GardenTumblr 29 retina
    In this bonus episode of Tumblr Theming 101, we'll take a look at two things. Firstly, we'll look at the static file uploader provided by Tumblr, which helps you manage any theme assets you need to host on Tumblr's CDN. Secondly, we'll look at the Tumblr theme marketplace; Theme Garden.Read More…
  • CMS
    Adding a Twitter Timeline to a Tumblr ThemeTumblr 28 retina
    Welcome to this, the first of three bonus videos in our series Tumblr Theming 101. During this lesson we'll look at incorporating a simplified Twitter timeline into our theme; a slightly more complex process since Twitter updated their API to v1.1.Read More…
  • CMS
    Improving Our Tumblr Theme Navigation and Post NotesTumblr 27 retina
    We've reached the end of our Tumblr theming series! In this video we're going to add some styling to our post notes and the tag page. We'll also be adding some extra CSS which will make navigating the site a little easier.Read More…
  • CMS
    Understanding Tumblr Variable TransformationsTumblr 26 retina
    In this video we're going to introduce a concept called Variable Transformation. This is something which Tumblr offers, allowing us to alter the data returned from any given variable. We'll be using Tumblr's {CustomCSS} variable to demonstrate how it works.Read More…
  • CMS
    Tumblr Appearance Options: TextTumblr 25 retina
    As it happens, our Tumblr theme doesn't require any custom text. However, as we're using the Tumblr base, there are already some text options included in the theme, so it's well worth taking a look at. We're going to use a Google Analytics ID as an example of Text Options usage.Read More…
  • CMS
    Tumblr Appearance Options: Select ElementsTumblr 24 retina
    It's time to add some more Appearance Options to our Tumblr theme. In this episode, we're going to add a select element, populated with a list of Google fonts, allowing users to choose which fonts are used in the theme.Read More…
  • CMS
    Tumblr Appearance Options: Boolean OptionsTumblr 23 retina
    In this episode of Tumblr Theming 101 we'll add some Boolean Appearance Options to our theme. This will allow users, through checkboxes, to enable or disable certain features.Read More…