• Sketch
    Designing an eCommerce Portfolio: Support Section and Footer Portfolio 5
    Support is an important aspect of our selling themes. The people who buy your products will expect you to provide assistance if something goes wrong. That’s why we’re making room for it on the homepage. The same goes for the team; we’ll create a reference that will take the visitors to the about us page.Read More…
  • Sketch
    Designing an eCommerce Portfolio: Store Front and TestimonialsPortfolio 4
    Our theme preview section will give visitors a glimpse of some of the other themes available for purchase. The testimonials will show quotes from people who have bought and used our themes. Let’s begin designing them!Read More…
  • Shopify
    The Shopify Store Owner’s Holiday Survival GuideShopify prev
    In this guide we’re going to discuss all the strategies, tips, and apps that will help you and your Shopify store make the most of the coming holiday season. Read More…
  • Sketch
    Designing an eCommerce Portfolio: Header and HeroPortfolio 3
    Our site header should provide the navigation, that’s pretty much its main purpose. Of course, we do have the logo in there as well, and since we’re implementing shop components, we’ll also add a reference to the cart.Read More…
  • eCommerce
    Designing an eCommerce Portfolio: Project OverviewPortfolio 2
    When designing our eCommerce Portfolio, the first step we have to take is to plan the website. What will it do? What’s its purpose? We’ll cover the initial planning stages in this first tutorial.Read More…
  • eCommerce
    Designing an eCommerce Portfolio: IntroductionPortfolio 1
    In this tutorial series you’ll learn how to design a minimal eCommerce theme in Sketch. You’ll not only learn the proper structure of an eCommerce website, but you’ll also get some cool Sketch tips and tricks to improve your workflow.Read More…
  • Sketch
    Faster UI Design with “Symbols” and “Shared Styles” in SketchCart
    In this tutorial you’ll design a mobile shopping cart solution in Sketch. We’ll be paying close attention to two features within Sketch which will speed up our workflow: “Symbols” and “Shared styles”.Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Design a Shopify Theme for Handcrafted Goods in PhotoshopEshop thumb
    In this tutorial we’ll be creating a layout for a handcrafted goods shop. I won’t talk too much about specific font sizes or color codes, but will instead focus on explaining the font choices, colors, proportions and so on.Read More…
  • Shopify
    Shopify Checklist: Things to Do Before the Site Goes LiveShopify
    Shopify Expert Mat Mullen shares his pre launch checklist in this exclusive extract from Grow. Vol. 1Read More…
  • Global Influences
    Big in Japan: Web Design in the Land of the Rising SunJapan
    Slice the sashimi, pour some sake and get comfy under the heated coffee table. I’d like to tell you about this wonderful country I call home. Read More…
  • eCommerce
    New Course: Designing for Mobile eCommerceMob commerce
    Mobile eCommerce is a growing market. It’s worth over $200 billion today and is still rising at a phenomenal rate. More and more companies are optimizing their websites for mobile, so as a web designer you have to stay up-to-date. This course will not only teach you all the basics of mobile eCommerce, but it will also show you the correct way of designing eCommerce websites for mobile. Read More…
  • UX
    Designing for Trust: Building Confidence in Your WebsiteTrust
    Improving the trustworthiness of a website can help improve its conversion rate, whether we’re talking about buying a product, downloading an ebook or subscribing to a newsletter. Security, privacy, aesthetics and other factors all play a big role. Let’s see how we can use these elements to improve trust.Read More…
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