• Emmet
    Turbo-Charge Your CSS With EmmetEmmet retina
    Most articles and tutorials on Emmet cover its handling of HTML, but today we're going to focus on Emmet with CSS. Ready to turbo-charge your CSS writing? Let's go!Read More…
  • Emmet
    Build Bootstrap in Minutes Using EmmetEmmet bootstrap retina
    Bootstrap (currently at version 3) is all about rapidly building websites, whether they be prototypes or finished products. In today's videos we're going to build ourselves a Bootstrap layout, in record time, using Emmet's powerful time-saving markup syntax.Read More…
  • Site Elements
    Reveal Content When Needed With an Expanding FooterFooter retina
    During this tutorial we're going to build an expanding footer; a user interface pattern which allows the user to click on expandable footer regions if they wish to see more content. The end result is comparable to the accordion effect sometimes applied to lists and you can find it used on sites such as Additionally, we're going to be using Emmet to help us write our HTML at lightning speed.Read More…
  • Emmet
    Improving Your Productivity: Quick Tips for Zen CodingPreview zencoding
    In this exclusive web series, Adi Purdila is going to walk you through how to use a handful of web design applications to improve your productivity. Work fast, smarter, and more efficiently! Today's session: Quick Tips for Zen Coding!Read More…
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