• CSS
    Basics of the CSS Box ModelCss boxmodel 1
    In this lesson, I will demonstrate how content, margins, borders, and padding affect the layout and dimensions of your HTML content.Read More…
  • Navigation Design
    How to Build an Off-Canvas Navigation With jQuery.mmenuPrev
    This tutorial will take you on a quick tour of mmenu.js, a jQuery plugin which helps create extensive website navigation. As we examine it, we'll see how we can use this plugin to build an off-canvas menu from scratch.Read More…
  • WordPress
    When to Use Bootstrap for Your WordPress Theme (And When Not To)Bootstrap
    Building a WordPress theme based on Bootstrap is all the rage, but is it always the right method? Here are the pros and cons.Read More…
  • CSS
    Free Course: Understanding the CSS Box ModelCss boxmodel 1
    Understanding the CSS box model is crucial for getting your designs to behave as you want them to. In this course, Craig Campbell will teach you how to master the box model and take control of your layouts.Read More…
  • HTML
    Take Your Web Design Skills to the Next Level With Our New Course BundleHtml thumb 400x277
    Our new bundle of courses builds on the skills you learned in our short course on Semantic HTML. In this bundle of six courses, you'll learn about speeding up your HTML development with Jade, creating responsive images, mastering icon fonts, and more.Read More…
  • fullPage.js
    Vertical and Horizontal Scrolling with fullPage.jsPreview
    These days more and more sites are designed based on the single-page approach (known as single-page or one-page sites). In this article, we’ll explore how to create such an experience for a demo site by taking advantage of fullPage.js. Read More…
  • Quiz
    Quiz: Do You Understand SVG?Svg icon1
    A quick quiz to test your knowledge of semantic HTML, based on the free short course Using SVG Sprites. Read More…
  • Web Applications
    Building an API-Driven Web App With HTML and CSSPre 3
    Having designed some visual mocks to help guide us in building our little app for the browser, let’s get to the exciting part and start building!Read More…
  • SVG
    Free Course: Using SVG SpritesSvg icon1
    SVG technology has been around for years, but it has only recently started gaining wide usage. In this course, you'll learn how to combine multiple scalable sprite images into a single SVG and display them on your web pages. The techniques discussed in this course will put you on track to create icon sets which are conveniently contained in a single file.Read More…
  • Skeleton
    Building HTML Page Structure With SkeletonCasablanca page1
    In this tutorial we’ll be focusing on coding a PSD layout, using the responsive Skeleton boilerplate. There are plenty of tutorials on how to code a design using HTML and CSS, often with an extra dash of JavaScript, but the main purpose of this tutorial is to get things built using the latest version of the Skeleton framework (2.0.4). There have been some great improvements since we last covered it!Read More…
  • Kids
    Web Design for Kids: HTML ContentWeb design for kids 04
    Welcome to the fourth lesson of our Web Design for Kids series, HTML Content. In the lesson right before this, we finally jumped into coding by building the structure of our HTML file with some HTML elements. Now we will be adding our site’s content into this structure.Read More…
  • Kids
    Web Design for Kids: HTML StructureWeb design for kids 03
    Welcome to the third lesson of our Web Design for Kids series, HTML Structure! We will be learning how to write our site’s structure with HTML. This structure will get us ready for the site’s content, which we will be adding in the next lesson.Read More…
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