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    Front End Style Guides: Your Questions AnsweredQuestion
    We recently gave our Twitter followers the opportunity to ask anything they wanted on the subject of Front End Style Guides. Here are the best questions and (of course) the answers!Read More…
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    A Quick Q&A With Jason PamentalJason thumb
    Jason Pamental has been working the web for a long time; so long in fact, he's even used something called "Netscape". This experience, coupled with his passion for responsive design and web typography (amongst many other things) have made him a familiar face on the speaking circuit. I caught up with him, shortly before he heads to London for the Future of Web Design, and fired a few questions his way.Read More…
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    Weekend Presentation: Unmatched Style Talk to Dave RupertPreview
    Just because you didn't get to attend that cool conference, doesn't mean you should miss out! Take five minutes this weekend and watch Unmatched Style get flexy with Uncle Dave at the Front End Design Conf 2012.Read More…
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    Weekend Presentation: Typographic Design in the Digital DomainPreview
    We ended the week in a very typographic mood, so let's continue in that vein. In this short film Erik Spiekermann talks with Elliot Jay Stocks about how typography is used in the digital domain and what digital designers can learn from traditional print techniques.Read More…
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    Weekend Presentation: Unmatched Style Talks to Cameron MollPreview
    Just because you didn’t get to go to that awesome conference doesn’t mean that you can’t still watch the footage! The Unmatched Style podcasts regularly feature top players in the web design industry - this week, Gene Crawford talks to Cameron Moll about going solo, Authentic Jobs, and letterpress posters..Read More…
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    A Ten Minute Chat With Ethan MarcottePreview
    Responsive web design. That says it all. As the man behind the most contagious movement in web design at the moment, Ethan Marcotte really needs no introduction. Recently he responded to a few of my questions (see what I did there?), so grab a coffee and find out what he had to say about sobbing on the subway, and firing people into the sun..Read More…
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    Interview With CSS3 Guru Peter Gasston4d46dc77e2f90ad8986ca4.l. v179463365 sx200
    Peter Gasston is a developer, accomplished speaker, nonogram addict, and is the brains behind The Book of CSS3. You'll probably know him from his contributions to and his blog Having reviewed his book, I thought I'd fire a few questions in his direction (if you're interested in CSS3, I suggest you read what he had to say)…Read More…
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    Flickr Contest Winner's Showcase w/ Adam RotmanContest winner
    Last month we launched the Flickr Group with a bang! The winner of the group contest is Adam Rotman, a designer out of Toronto, Canada. Today, we'll be featuring an interview with Adam along with a peek at his portfolio. If you're just starting out in the field of web design (or you're just curious to see another designer's portfolio), this is an interview you won't want to miss!Read More…
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    Exclusive Interview with Kriesi from the Envato MarketplacesKriesi preview
    Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Christian "Kriesi", a top author at ThemeForest who consistently racks up five figures a month from WordPress themes, HTML templates, and various custom scripts and plugins. If you've ever considered designing and selling your own templates (or if you already are), this is an interview you won't want to miss!Read More…
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    Exclusive Interview with Liz Andrade (CMD+Shift Design)Liz andrade
    Trained in design, and a self-proclaimed “web geek,” Liz Andrade has been working in the design field for several years. With experience working as the principal web designer at a Seattle boutique-style firm, she took a knowledge and passion for web to her own one-woman design studio, located in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood.Read More…