• Bootstrap
    Building a Bootstrap Contact Form Using PHP and AJAXForm preview
    In this tutorial I’ll go over the steps to create a working contact form, utilising the ever popular front-end framework Bootstrap, in combination with AJAX and PHP.Read More…
  • Form Design
    How to Integrate “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” in Your WebsiteRobot
    In this tutorial we’ll introduce Google’s new No CAPTCHA form security, then integrate into a web page using PHP.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Creating a Theme for Anchor CMSAnchor tutorial
    We're going to be making a custom theme for the "up and coming" open source CMS, Anchor. Anchor is a super simple, lightweight and bullet fast content management system. You can pick up a copy of Anchor from the Anchor CMS website, plus you can also checkout some of the themes available for Anchor on Anchor Themes.Read More…
  • PHP
    Filler Content: Tools, Tips and a Dynamic ExampleFiller retina
    As designing in the browser becomes more popular (and convenient), the need for helpful design tools is increasing. One set of tools that is becoming quite helpful revolves around filler content. Currently, a variety of resources exist to aid designers who need filler content, whether it be text or images. Because a lot of website design used to take place in Photoshop, manually copying/pasting text from the web was the best method for 'filling in' a design with dummy content. However, now that a lot of website design takes place in the browser, why not have the computer do all 'filling in' work for you? We'll cover your options for filler content in this tutorial. Everything from copying/pasting static text and images to dynamically generating them.Read More…
  • Complete Websites
    Implementing a Drupal Business ThemePreview
    Having completed our Photoshop design, today we'll look at turning it into a simple Drupal theme. This tutorial will walkthrough basic html/css techniques, a bit of php, creating blocks/views, and I'm also going to explain how to add the Nivo Slider into Drupal!Read More…
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