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    What’s the Future of Responsive Web Design?Future
    I had the great pleasure of delivering the closing keynote at Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Breakpoint. Held in Brighton, UK, on 19 June 2015, the conference was a gathering of designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques, and experiences with responsive web design. Here’s what I had to say.Read More…
  • Skeleton
    Adding JavaScript Behavior to Our Skeleton Web PageCasablanca page 3a
    So far we’ve built a solid HTML page and applied some styles. This tutorial will focus on adding interactivity to the website through JavaScript.Read More…
  • Skeleton
    Adding Styles to Our Skeleton Page BuildCasablanca page thumb2
    In this part of our ongoing build process we are going to focus on styling the HTML. This tutorial will have three main sections: Adding the images, converting fonts to web fonts, and styling each section.Read More…
  • Responsive Web Design
    Comprehensive Guide: When to Use Em vs. RemRem
    You may have come to terms with using flexible units of measurement, but you still might not fully understand when to use rems and when to use ems. This tutorial will help you figure it out!Read More…
  • Open Assignment
    Understanding Responsive Images: Open AssignmentWistia uri
    Each time I publish a new course I like to follow it up with an open assignment. So, in this video, instead of learning something by following a number of steps, I’m going to set a task for you to complete!Read More…
  • Email
    Creating a Future-Proof Responsive Email Without Media QueriesThumb3
    Using this ‘fluid hybrid’ method you can build an HTML email with lots of different layouts that doesn't rely on media queries to look great on mobile devices.Read More…
  • Responsive Web Design
    How to Create Responsive Images Using the Picture ElementResponsive images
    We all want our images to display at the best possible quality, with optimal file size, on different devices, but achieving that is easier said than done. In this short video tutorial, you'll learn how to use the picture element to create responsive images.Read More…
  • Responsive Web Design
    New Course: Understanding Responsive ImagesResponsive images
    We all want our images to display at the best possible quality, with optimal file size, on different devices, but achieving that is easier said than done. There are many different techniques for making images responsive, but some of them have serious downsides, such as limited browser support. In this course you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with responsive images. Read More…
  • Apple Watch
    Designing for the WATCHApple watches 400px
    With the upcoming launch of Apple’s newest and shiniest product, the Apple Watch (err, WATCH) there are many designers out there itching to get a feel for the newest toy to come out of Cupertino. There are some new ways to interact with the device; like Apple’s force touch menu and digital crown, as well as many UI elements you may already be familiar with like buttons, text styles, and switches, oh my!Read More…
  • Responsive Web Design
    Quick Tip: Try Combining EMs and REMsBlocks
    At the 2014 CSSConf in Australia, Simurai gave a really amazing presentation called "Styling with Strings" where he goes over quite a few techniques for developing in-browser. The one tip that really stood out to me was this: pad UI components with EMs, put space between them with REMs. Or, as a rule of thumb: EMs for padding, REMs for margin.Read More…
  • Photography
    Andy Mallalieu, Web Designer: Imagery Can Make or Break a Project Cover 1
    In this interview we catch up with Manchester-based web designer Andy Mallalieu from agency NineSixty to discuss how he engages with photography when working on new web projects. This interview is part of our ongoing series, 'Conversations with Creative Collaborators.'Read More…
  • Responsive Web Design
    How to Make Responsive, Scrollable Panels with FlexboxFlex
    If you’ve been keeping up with the work ZURB has been doing with Foundation for Apps you may have noticed most of their demo templates have some pretty nifty scrollable panels. That’s what we’ll be learning how to build today.Read More…
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