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    Web Design for Kids: Wrap UpWeb design for kids 11
    In this final tutorial we will quickly review everything we have learned so far about building a website and design, review ways to get our website on the Internet so that we can direct our friends and family to a web address, and touch a bit on some useful resources moving forward with our studies.Read More…
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    Web Design for Kids: Design BasicsWeb design for kids 08
    Welcome to the eighth lesson of our Web Design for Kids series, design basics! Throughout this series we have focused on bringing a design to life, but we haven't yet talked about the decisions that went into that design to begin with. In this tutorial we'll walk through some basic design concepts that are part of making a good website.Read More…
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    Web Design for Kids: ImagesWeb design for kids 07
    Welcome to the seventh lesson of our Web Design for Kids series, all about images! We’ve added several images to our Tuts+ Town website, but we haven’t talked about images in detail yet. In this lesson we will touch on the more commonly used types of images on the web and some image editing techniques.Read More…
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    Web Design for Kids: CSSWeb design for kids 05
    We’ve worked very hard on our HTML content, so now it’s time to make it look pretty! We will be adding things to our HTML page here, as well as starting a new file: a CSS document.Read More…
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    Web Design for Kids: HTML ContentWeb design for kids 04
    Welcome to the fourth lesson of our Web Design for Kids series, HTML Content. In the lesson right before this, we finally jumped into coding by building the structure of our HTML file with some HTML elements. Now we will be adding our site’s content into this structure.Read More…
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    Web Design for Kids: Getting Ready to Build a WebsiteWeb design for kids 02
    Welcome to the second lesson in our Web Design for Kids series! In this lesson we will learn all about some things we need to do and the tools we need before we start writing the code for our Tuts+ Town website; we are getting there, I promise! Also, don’t forget to ask any questions in the comments area at the bottom of this page. Read More…
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    Web Design for Kids: Welcome to Tuts+ Town!Web design for kids 01
    Welcome to Tuts+ Town, where everybody loves web design! In this series we will learn all about designing and building a website. To help us, we’ll make a website together.Read More…
  • Business
    How to Set Up Your Own Web Design Agency: Tips From the ProsWeb designers
    If you’re working as a web designer, the prospect of going out on your own and setting up your own agency can seem tempting, but it’s not a simple task. So I got in touch with some web design agency owners, and asked for their best piece of advice for people who want to follow in their footsteps. Here are some of their tips.Read More…
  • Graphic Design
    Understanding Adobe Illustrator's Grid SystemUnderstanding adobe illustrator's grid system small preview
    This quick tip is focused on explaining what the Grid is, how it works, and how you should use it to benefit your design process.Read More…
  • Web Design
    My Thoughts on Designing in the Browser vs. Designing in PhotoshopTest
    Designing in the browser is becoming more and more popular with the rise of “designers who code”. But just because we’ve picked up some new skills does it mean we should ditch our paper, sharpies, desktop publishing software and wireframing tools and jump straight into coding prototypes? Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Design a Traveler’s Photo Diary Tumblr Theme in PhotoshopTiger
    In this tutorial we’ll walk through the step by step process of creating a simple, photo-based Tumblr diary theme in Photoshop. I will start totally from scratch and will guide you through the whole process of setting up the document, using some basic tools and completing the design in no time. The aim of this tutorial is to show how some of the design decisions are being made and how the final design comes to life.Read More…
  • Photography
    Andy Mallalieu, Web Designer: Imagery Can Make or Break a Project Cover 1
    In this interview we catch up with Manchester-based web designer Andy Mallalieu from agency NineSixty to discuss how he engages with photography when working on new web projects. This interview is part of our ongoing series, 'Conversations with Creative Collaborators.'Read More…
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