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    Making the Most of Style Tiles for Leaner DesignSm
    Style tiles are the startup version of brand guidelines. How can we leverage their power in small businesses to make our design process 'leaner'?Read More…
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    A Super-Quick Introduction to Style GuidesIntro
    This week the Tuts+Web Design team is bringing you an in depth series of pieces on the wide world of Style Guides and all the moving parts that go along with them.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: What to do When You Encounter a Bower FileBower
    Have you ever cloned or downloaded a GitHub repo, only to find a number of strange and extraneous files which you don't recognise? For example, you may well have found a bower.json file included in the source files. If you're not sure what to do with such a file, this quick tip will help you out.Read More…
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    Carrying out Successful Research for a Web ProjectPreview
    Conducting research for your web project is really simple and it doesn't have to take up much of your time. By planning and breaking down it into a few smaller steps you can save time and get the most out of it. It all comes down to getting the whole picture before you begin thinking about design, development or anything else.Read More…
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    Three Simple Steps to Higher Output and Greater CreativityMike thumb
    The beginning of a new year is filled with a massive amount of energy and resolve, people setting out to find new ways of thinking and working that can bring them closer in line with their goals. This post is going to give you, a web designer and developer, both practical steps and conceptual advice to help you reach a higher level of output and a more consistent flow of creativity.Read More…
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    How to Architect a Better Site-MapWebtuts sitemap retina
    The site-map is often the first point in a design process, when all the research and considerations start to form into something tangible; something you can put in front of your client and say “this is the plan”.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Pomodoro Technique to the Creative RescueTomato retina
    In some situations, we need to be creative quickly and effectively (we've all been in situations where there's a deadline looming in just a few hours). For example, perhaps a client wants last-minute changes, or a pitch is coming close and you want to make a great impression, but your presentation is still missing something.Read More…
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    Using Content Templates to Get Your Clients Thinking Content-FirstContent retina
    Late content causes project delays, and can ultimately stop you from getting paid on time.Read More…
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    Making the Most of Your Student YearsExploit potential retina
    For any aspiring designer or developer, your student years are a time full of opportunities to develop your professional life. Why should you wait until you have a degree to become more professional in what you do? In this article, we'll explore how you can use your student time to give you a great start in a professional career. Even though this article is aimed at students specifically, any designer or developer could pick up a thing or two to improve their (budding) career.Read More…
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    Dunked: Launched, but Hardly FinishedDunked preview
    I'm part of the team that has recently launched a web app called Dunked. Dunked is a free simple-to-use online portfolio for creative types. As of May 2013, we are in public beta; continuing to build out features as well as making incremental improvements based on user feedback. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the reasons I believe that a beta launch is important to the development of your product. I will also discuss how we, at Dunked, are going about the process of monitoring and gathering user feedback. Finally, I will discuss how were are going about implementing changes based on user feedback as we continue to build the product out.Read More…
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    A Web Designer’s Site Launch Checklist (Including Portable Formats)Checklist prev
    At FHOKE we’ve been through it all, from perfect launches to ones that have turned into complete nightmares! Through our experiences we’ve compiled a list, in no particular order, of a process we go through before we launch our sites. This won’t cover everything, but should give you a quick overview of what you could be doing or adding to your own checklist.Read More…
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    Take Control and Save Time When Designing for ClientsFhoke image 1
    At FHOKE we’ve managed hundreds of projects in many ways. With our team's industry experience, running, or working within studios, we’ve seen it all; ways that have worked and others that have failed. Over the years we’ve refined our process and found a great staged approach that works well for all our clients. It saves us time and puts more control in the designers' hands.Read More…
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