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If you’ve been wondering about what makes Fireworks tick for a while, this series is being recorded for you! Tom Green (an Adobe Community Expert, Adobe Education Leader (Post Secondary), Community MX partner) will be guiding us through the wonderful world of Fireworks with several video tutorials.

We’re amassing quite a few tutorials for everyone from the beginner to the expert, so be sure to check out our entire library of Fireworks tutorials.

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  • General
    The Web Designer's Guide to Comparing Photoshop and FireworksPhotoshop or fireworks guide
    Today, we'll be taking a deeper look at the key differences between Photoshop and Fireworks and what they mean to web designers. This article is intended to be a guide for anyone trying to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each application. Our goal: to help designers to better understand their options when it comes to picking their graphics application of choice. We posted a Reader's Poll on this topic, so be sure to cast your own vote on that post as well!Read More…
  • Using Fireworks
    Fireworks Pro Series: Where Does Fireworks Fit Into Your Workflow?Fireworks workflow preview
    Today we're bringing you the first post in what will be a series of posts focused in on Fireworks for Web Designers. We'll be taking a deep look at just what Fireworks has to offer to web designers, and why, when used properly, it's the perfect companion to Photoshop. Get ready to take your understanding of Fireworks to the next level!Read More…
  • Fireworks
    Fireworks Pro Series: From Photoshop to Fireworks to the WebFireworks photoshop preview
    It's time for another Fireworks Pro Tutorial! In this video tutorial we're going to show you how to move from a Photoshop .PSD file to Fireworks, and then to the web with a functional CSS prototype. We'll also cover some of the little "gotchas" that you'll encounter along the way.Read More…
  • Fireworks
    Fireworks Pro Series: From Fireworks to FlashFireworks flash preview
    This part of the Fireworks Pro Series is for the Flash users out there! We're going to continue looking at where Fireworks can fit into a web designer's workflow. Today, we'll examine how Fireworks can work alongside Flash to create functional websites quickly and easily. Flash CS5 users won't want to miss this one!Read More…
  • Fireworks
    Fireworks Pro Series: Working with Flash CatalystFireworks catalyst preview
    In this part of the Fireworks Pro Series, we're going to continue looking at how Fireworks works with other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. Specifically, we'll be creating a website design and then convert it to an interactive, animated website in Flash Catalyst... all in under half an hour!Read More…
  • Fireworks
    Fireworks Pro Series: Optimizing Images for the WebFireworks image optimization
    If you've ever wondered about the best possible way to save images for the web, this is going to interest you! In today's addition to the Fireworks Pro Series, we're going to look at image optimization in Adobe Fireworks.Read More…
  • Fireworks
    Fireworks Pro Series: Batch Processing Fireworks adv batch processing
    Web designers talk a lot about apps or gadgets that are "magic wands"... but today we're going to look at a unique feature inside Adobe Fireworks that might even live up to the name. If you haven't taken the time to check out the "batch processing" feature in Adobe Fireworks yet, now's the time to do it. In no time you'll be saving time and reducing the filesizes on all of your web graphics!Read More…
  • Fireworks
    Quick Tip: Build CSS3 Effects Using Fireworks CS5Preview
    One of the really neat things about CSS3 is the ability to create objects containing special effects such as gradients, rounded corners and even drop shadows. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how a new Fireworks extension can do all the hard work for you.Read More…