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Designing a Landing Page Using AIDA Principles: New on Premium


In our latest Premium tutorial, we'll design a landing page layout in Photoshop. Not only will we cover Photoshop techniques, we'll also look at the theory behind each decision made – knowledge that can be applied to your very own designs.

Become a Tuts+ Premium member to gain access to the whole tutorial, as well as hundreds of other advanced videos, tutorials, and courses.

You'll Learn How to:

  • Employ a number of Photoshop skills.
  • Get an understanding of AIDA marketing principles.
  • Apply logic and reason to your layout decisions.

..and a whole load more besides..

Tuts+ Premium

The recently re-launched Tuts+ Premium is a service that provides top-tier training in a variety of creative fields. Whether you prefer books, visual training, or in depth tutorials, we have you covered. While we unfortunately can't afford to provide the service for free, it's only $19 a month - less than you'd spend on dinner.

We hope you'll consider checking it out! In addition to learning a huge variety of new skills, it's also a fantastic way to say thank you to Webdesigntuts+.

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