Twitter Bootstrap 101: Introducing 2.0


Twitter Bootstrap's version 2.0 has added some fantastic new features to an already very strong front-end development framework. If you're new to Twitter Bootstrap, you'll want to check it out. And if you've been using Bootstrap, you may appreciate the chance to walk through some of its key features together. So let's get started!

Today we'll begin with the basics:

  • Downloading the files, including the new option to customize your download.
  • Setting up a template markup file.
  • Working with Bootstrap 2.0's new 12-column grid.
  • Leveraging the new option to make your layout fully responsive - ready for multiple screen sizes.

The Screencast

Alternatively, Download the video, or subscribe to Webdesigntuts+ screencasts via iTunes!

Links and Downloads

This will get you rolling with the essential tools to make use of the rest of what Twitter Bootstrap has to offer. In future tutorials, we'll keep rolling from there!

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