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1.1 Affinity Designer Quick Start

Affinity Designer is an amazing new app for Mac that’s taking the design world by storm. Designers everywhere are reporting they’re dropping their old software and switching entirely over to using Affinity instead.

When you’ve completed “Affinity Designer Quick Start” you’ll have all the right shortcuts and tricks up your sleeve, be fully familiar with the app’s interface and tools, and be able to go from laying down curves all the way through to exporting a design.

Everything we’ll cover can be done in the free trial of Affinity Designer, so even if you don’t yet have the app you’ll still be able to take this course.

Let’s begin!

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1.1 Affinity Designer Quick Start

Affinity Designer is an incredible new vector design program from the guys at Serif. This program has been going from strength to strength it's won Apple Design Awards and we're seeing a lot of designers, drop their old software in favor of meeting completely over to the new software, that Infinity is bringing to the table. In this course, we're gonna go through and give you a quick start, if you are new to Affinity Designer, so, you know how when you are learning to use a graphics program and you get a little way into it, and then you find that there was some shortcut or some tool that could have saved you hours and hours of time. Well, this course is designed to give you all of those shortcuts right at the beginning. So, that you'll be working as efficiently as you possibly can with a really smooth workflow from the outset. And everything that we go through in this course can be done in the free trial version of Affinity Designer. So there's nothing to stop you jumping in and following along with every single one of these videos. I'll see you in the first lesson.

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