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3.5 Tip: Rearranging Studio Panels

When you first start using Affinity Designer, you might not know exactly where to go to control the layout of your interface panels. In this lesson, learn how to organize your interface via the “Studio”.

3.5 Tip: Rearranging Studio Panels

Hi and welcome back to Affinity Designer Quick Start. This video is just a quick tip about working with studio panels. Now, you have a bunch of panels over here on the right side of your screen. And they do things that you would already be familiar with if you've worked with other graphics applications, so they give you history. They give you color selectors and so on and so forth. And you can re-arrange these panels. You can drop them in with other sets of panels. You can drag them out. You can nest them in different locations. And you can also close them down completely. Like this. Now, one thing that can be a little bit confusing at first, if you're used to other programs, is where you go to bring a panel back once you've closed it down. You might be used to going out to the Window menu, and then looking for the panels, so they can bring the back. But the menus in Affinity Designer set up a little bit differently. Now, where you wanna go to control these panels here is actually to the studio sub menu. Which is located under the View menu. So you head up here to the View menu. And then come down to Studio, and this is where you gonna find the controls for your panels. So then we can bring the History tab back. We can bring the Color tab back. And then we can nest them back wherever we want to in our layout. We can also use that same Studio menu to completely Reset the Studio. So if we've gone and made a mess of things and you don't like our layout, we can just put it back to the defaults. And you also have the option to hide the Studio all together. So that you say you work with the Studio panels in Affinity Designer. Perhaps a little bit different to what you might be used to, but all very accessible once you do know how to use it. In the next video we're gonna learn how you can use grids in Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer has a really great grid management system. It's very versatile and lets you do a lot of different things. I'll see you in the next lesson.

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