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15 Great Last-Minute Gifts for Web Designers


The holiday season has already caught up with us and, for those celebrating Christmas, the big day is fast approaching. But wait! You've just remembered about that budding or seasoned web designer in the family whom you're yet to buy for? No need to worry as Tuts+ is here to save your holidays!

In this festive roundup, we're going to take a look at some great last-minute gifts — most of which you can overnight from Amazon to have in time for your respective big day!

  • MacBook Pro with Retina Display

    We'll kick off this roundup with a gift idea for the more generous of our readers. Apple's latest lineup of MacBook Pros ship sporting a high-resolution Retina display that will be of great use to any web designer working towards tomorrow's high-resolution world.

    Coming in both 13" and 15" flavours, the new line of MacBook Pros boast one of Intel's latest-and-greatest, a radically sleeker form factor (sans the infamous optical drive) and the named Retina Display.

    Price: From $1,614.98

  • An Adobe Software Upgrade

    Your web designer family member or friend hasn't yet upgraded to the latest-and-greatest from Adobe? One of the more useful gifts you could get them holiday season is an upgrade to the CS6 version of their favourite software. Or, if they don't have the prerequisites to upgrade, you can always get rid of that $5-600 you've been sitting on by splurging on a new copy of Photoshop.

  • Cosmonaut

    Tablets are increasing in popularity and we've ran a number of articles here on WebDesignTuts+ looking at how they can be utilised as part of a web design workflow. The Cosmonaut presents a stellar stylus for your capacitive tablet (or, let's be honest, iPad).

    Price: $25

  • HTML5 for Web Designers by A Book Apart

    HTML5 for Web Designers by Jeremy Keith introduces web designers to the latest version of the HTML markup, offering a brief history of the language and a guide to using it in today's design.

    Of course, if your gift recipient already owns HTML5 for Web Designers, most of A Book Apart's catalogue is available in some fashion from Amazon so be sure to shop around and find the perfect paper gift.

    Price: $29.99

  • HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

    Another great book for an aspiring web developer or designer is HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites. The beautiful book offers a full-colour, vibrant approach to teaching the basics of HTML and CSS, utilising large infographics to simply new concepts as they are taught to you.

    Price: $18.09 (minus $5)

  • .net Magazine Subscription

    .net Magazine is but one design magazine who's subscription would be a great gift idea for your favourite web designer. Founded in 1994, .net magazine is published about once per month so the $124.99 subscription will grab you 13 issues (prices vary by location). Print edition subscribers will also get access to the PDF archive of current and previous releases to boot.

    Price: $124.99

  • UI Stencils

    Planning and the mockup stage are important aspects of the entire web design workflow so what better gift to give than a set of UI stencils to make pixel-perfect plans for your web designer's next project.

    The physical stencils come in a variety of platforms for various UI elements and sizes, and accompanying notepads can be ordered to draw out mockups to specific device proportions.

    Price: Varies

  • Responsive Design Sketchbook

    Responsive design is of ever-increasing importance and this sketchbook helps designers better plan for a number of common resolutions from small mobile sizes to larger desktop resolutions.

    Price: $12.95

  • "My Website Shrinks" T-Shirt

    Talking of responsive design, this fun t-shirt boasts one's ability to design responsively in a more attractive way than I can describe.

    Grab one quick, though, as they are rapidly going out of stock!

    Price: $24

  • Pico USB Flash Drive

    Physical media is sometimes necessary but why not offer your favourite web designer a way of using one with as little footprint as possible?

    The Pico USB flash drive claims to be the world's smallest device of it's kind, plus being shock and water resistant to boot.

    Price: $69.99

  • Dot Grid Book

    Continuing a theme of notebooks throughout this roundup, the Dot Grid Book offers a more subtle guide to those mocking up potential designs with a only a light guide to, well, guide ones thoughts and concepts.

    Price: $15

  • Hardware Upgrade

    Don't fancy buying an entire new machine for your web design recipient? Amazon stocks a variety of great hardware components that would make great gifts for the web designer in need of an upgrade.

    Who doesn't want to open a stick of RAM on Christmas?

    Price: Varies

  • App Store Gift Card

    The Mac and iOS App Stores give shelter to a number of great web design apps, including big-name software like Coda 2 and it's accompanying iPad app, Diet Coda. An iTunes Gift Card — especially one sporting this year's EarPod-inspired design — will be welcomed by any web designer in need of a bit of a software refresh.

    Price: Varies

  • Windows 8 Pro Upgrade

    But wait! Your recipient doesn't use Apple products?

    The release of Windows 8 this year saw many people jump up to the latest-and-greatest, but the $66.99 upgrade remains a valid gift idea for those that haven't already (non-upgrade versions are also available at additional cost).

    Price: $66.99

Happy Holidays!

This roundup has shown my top ten last-minute gifts but there's likely many more options available. Have you bought for a web designer this holiday season (and using that excuse to buy yourself something expensive counts too, I guess)? Share your order and take a few in the comments below!

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