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2 New Web Design eBooks From A Book Apart


As part of an Envato Elements subscription, you don't just get access to over 1,000 video courses on Envato Tuts+ and unlimited access to 870,000+ creative assets. You can also read eBooks from some leading industry names.

Recently, we've made two new eBooks available to subscribers: Image Performance by Mat Marquis and Writing for Designers by Scott Kubie. Learn more about them below.

What You’ll Learn

Both of our new eBooks are published by leading web design publisher A Book Apart. Here's a quick summary of what you can learn from them.

1. Image Performance by Mat Marquis

Image Performance by Mat Marquis

To solve the most critical performance problems with the biggest impact, start with images. Responsive Issues Community Group (RICG) chair Mat Marquis shows you the swiftest way to improve a website’s performance.

Master crucial topics such as:

  • the compression methods used by common image formats
  • responsive image markup patterns and their usage
  • handling content delivery for the best user experience

Get up to speed—and speed up your site. Find out more.

2. Writing for Designers by Scott Kubie

Writing for Designers by Scott Kubie

From product documentation to menu labels to marketing emails, writing for the web can feel challenging—even insurmountable. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Whether you’re new to writing or looking to hone your skills, Scott Kubie’s guide will empower you to get organized and get going.

Learn to scope and articulate writing assignments, build a repeatable workflow, and develop methods for productive editing, collaboration, version control, and delivery. Don't struggle with writing—get the writing done. Find out more.

Start Reading With a Combined Subscription

You can read our new eBooks straight away with a subscription to Envato Elements. For a single low monthly fee, you get access not only to these eBooks, but also to our growing library of over 1,000 video courses on Envato Tuts+.

Plus you get unlimited downloads from the huge Envato Elements library of 870,000+ creative assets. Create with unique fonts, photos, graphics and templates, and deliver better projects faster.

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