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20 Well-Designed eCommerce Templates


Designers know how difficult it can be to get an ecommerce site up and running. It’s for this reason that ThemeForest recently added a new section dedicated just to ecommerce. This new section has been filling up with some high quality work, so today we’re going to highlight 20 of those tops designs.

1. Apparel Store Magento theme

Apparel Store is a Magento theme for clothing/apparel stores. It comes packed with its own Admin Module to easily install, configure and update the site.

2. Apparel Store

Apparel Store was built using all the pre-existing theme features to make it fully compatible with any magento extention on the market. This clean design includes a homepage slider, promotion banners, unobtrusive shopping cart in the header, and can be easily customized to further meet your needs.

3. Mobile Magento Theme

Mobile is a Magento theme that can fit any kind of store. It comes packed with its own Admin Module to easily install, configure and update the site.

4. Shoppica - Premium Open Cart Theme

Shoppica is a stylish premium OpenCart theme. The clean and modern design allows you to use the theme for every kind of online shop

5. Furniture Store

This Magento theme for Furniture template comes with a modern color and refined style in design could increase your product’s values and increase sales by showing off your furniture products in living room, bed room, office.

6. Perfume Magento Theme

Famous perfume is dedicated for gentlewoman and gentleman. Your perfume shop needs a luxurious and aristocratic theme, this theme is definitely dedicated for you!

7. T-shirts magento

8. ModernStore - Premium OpenCart theme

ModernStore is a very advanced premium theme for OpenCart The modern and universal design is suitable for almost every e-commerce site: kids boutiques, fashion stores, accessories, cosmetics, electronics, furniture or pet shop.

9. CartMania - The Ultimate OpenCart template

CartMania is very advanced, Premium Opencart theme suitable for different types of e-shops.

10. Acumen

Acumen is a flexible, grid-based Magento theme. The sparse coloration and ornaments draw maximum attention to products, while keeping a clean and modern aesthetic throughout.

11. Tribeca Magento Theme

12. Vintage Kicks - OpenCart Theme

Vintage Kicks is a 3 column, simple theme for OpenCart. It breaks away from the usual default-looking Opencart theme, and much of the code has been reorganized and cleaned up for better, easier editing.

13. Organic Magento Theme

This cohesive theme includes design for everything you need to launch your online store.

14. Vasco E-commerce OpenCart Template

Vasco is a clean and modern template made for OpenCart. It uses beautiful Nivo Slider to present your featured products on the home page in order to decrease user’s clicks and increase your sales.

15. Miniml Magento Theme

Minimls timeless design uses the pureness of white to create a pristine and elegant backdrop for your online store.

16. Platform Red

Platform Red is a clean design that can be used in any industry. This design highly recommended for those selling furniture. As always you get image rotation, an unobtrusive cart, clean breadcrumbs, lightbox, and browser compatibility.

17. wStore

Template is fully compatible with magento ver. and ver.

18. Sposh

19. Boho Magento Theme

20. Layover Magento

We’ve distilled your feedback from our top-selling Magento themes, along with our experience as a Magento Professional Partner to create Layover Magento the ultimate customizable Magento theme.

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