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2011 Web Design Survey Sneak Peek & Winner!


A while back, we asked Webdesigntuts+ readers to weight in on the state of the industry in the 2011 Web Design survey. And boy did you ever! Over 5,200 of you responded and shared your experience with web design. All respondents who provided an email were entered in the grand prize drawing to win an Apple iPad 2 and the entire Rockable Press library of e-books, more than $1200 USD in prizes. I'm happy to say we have a winner! Read on to find out about our winner and get a sneak peek at the results of the survey.

Congratulations go to Michael Freytag! He'll receive a 32GB wifi Apple iPad 2 and a copy of Rockable's entire line-up of ebooks. I asked Michael what he thought of the survey and the state of web design:

To see the changes in the web over the past 13 years and where its going is amazing. With web sites being able to be viewed in such a variety of ways, the design and development have a serious impact on the users' experience. Being a member of Tuts+ for the past year has been worth it; it's been a great resource. With the different articles on the latest technology, designers and developers are able to keep up on their education and share their experiences. I'm glad to have helped provide data for the Web Design survey. It will be great to see how the web design and development community is growing.

Once again, congratulations to Michael!

The full results of the 2011 survey are going to be shared in the up-coming book "Web Design Confidential" published by Rockable Press, but I wanted to thank everyone for participating by giving a sneak peek of what turned out to be some really interesting, surprising results. For example, we asked web designers about their education and skills:


The majority of web designers found their formal education was only marginally relevant to their work. However, most designers also indicated learning new skills was vital to their job and on-line learning from web tutorials and articles were voted as top resources. Most of us are aware that it takes more than a simple degree to make a good web designer, but when I dug down into responses, I was surprised to find what other factors made a huge difference to success.

We'll be looking at all that and more in the results of Web Design Confidential, but I would love to hear your thoughts now! How was your education relevant to web design? Is a college degree worth it for a web design career, or is there a better way to get your start?

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