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35 CSS-based Layouts that Look Awesome

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Creattica continues to be a great source of inspiration. Whether you’re there to spark the creative fuse or just browse through some amazing work, it's well worth checking out what’s new over at Creattica. Recently, they've added a whole bunch of new categories - including one for top-notch CSS work. Here's a rundown of some of the best work submitted so far.

1. Magnifico


3. eCoverSuiteElite

4. Hey Indy

5. MetaLab

6. Fluid Theme

7. Tea Round App

8. Stick It USB

9. Douglas Menezes

10. We Love Icons

11. Duirwaigh Studios

12. siete de febrero

13. Morphix

14. Humza Ijaz

15. Trent Cruising

16. Pacifica

17. Dishizzle

18. Paul Carbo

19. Beerenberg Farm

20. Honblue Inc.

21. iDesign iPhone

22. AdWorks

23. Pixelcraft

24. Guifx

25. Point Zero

26. Simple Art

27. Add Noise

28. Midtone Design

29. Transmissions

30. Serj

31. Jumpstart

32. Cellar

33. Zaum & Brown

34. World of Merix Studio

35. Hymns

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