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5 Things You'll Learn at Future Insights Live

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Ten workshops, 80+ sessions, creative challenges, speaker meet and greets, attendee parties, and a talent showcase make up the week-long Future Insights Live conference in Vegas this year.

What Does the Conference Cover?

This year the conference focuses on APIs and toolkits in the developer tracks, pure design and front-end development in the designer tracks, and products and platforms in the mobile tracks.

To save you from information overload and help you navigate the conference, we’ve taken a peek at this year's speaker line-up and picked our top five sessions.

  1. See how limitations can be a positive thing, making you more productive and improving your overall design, with “How Constraints Cultivate Design” from Shay Howe, Director of Product at Belly.
  2. Learn to produce designs that yield results, rather than catering to trends, and discuss the beauty of functional, data-driven websites in “Designing Using Data” with Sarah Parmenter from Who You Know.
  3. In the “Future of Ruby on the Web” with Aaron Patterson (AT&T) look at what Ruby can do to push technology forward into the future. 
  4. Discuss how to leverage pervasive APIs to provide value to your customers with “How APIs Have Taken Over the World” with Jason Lengstorf, who amongst other things, is a Tuts+ instructor.
  5. Understand how the devices you use guide your storytelling and shape the content you create through “Form Factor is the Message” with Ben Huh, founder of Cheezburger.

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