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CodePen Challenge #3: Results!


Last week we asked you to take part in our third CodePen Challenge: to select your favorite Google font pairs and apply them to some sample content. Around 60 of you took part, showing us some great font combinations–here’s what you all did!

The Challenge

We asked you to style the following content (which you may recognize as the first page to be published on the world wide web by CERN) using two Google fonts of your own choosing:

The Collection

All of the entries were pulled into a collection on CodePen, go and check them out!  Meanwhile, here are just a few of our favourites, including examples with Montserrat & Playfair Display, Bangers & Karla, Abril Fatface & Source Code Pro:

Next Time

We’re seeing brilliant participation on these CodePen Challenges (I reckon we can hit 100 entries at some point), so expect another one at the beginning of June! 

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