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Comment to Win 100 MOO.com MiniCards + Felt Holder! (Winners Announced)


We have another awesome giveaway for Webdesigntuts+ readers this week: MOO.com are giving away three sets of 100 mini cards + felt holders! The ideal way to make an impression on prospective clients...

Winners Announced!

I’m afraid the draw has already taken place… Congratulations to our winners! Never mind if you weren’t one of the lucky three, keep checking back and you’ll hear of plenty more giveaways soon ;)

The Goods


Half the size of a standard business card, MiniCards are great for showing off your portfolio, your products or your business. With the option of a different image on every card, upload your own artwork or choose from thousands of designs. - MOO.com

MiniCard holder

This soft, felt MiniCard holder is hand-stitched by Supernana, in Belgium. Pocket-sized, it’s available in a range of colours. - MOO.com

Extra Tip

Why not do as John O'Nolan does and turn your mini cards into a Moo'd board presentation?

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