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Community Project: Any Old Icon!

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We're compiling an icon web font and we need your help.. If you've ever designed an icon glyph, but didn't actually use it for anything, now's the time to let it shine! Fish your old icons out of the trash, make sure they're in tip-top condition, then send them over to us. You could see your icon featured on the download page..

Complete Randomness

Icon sets usually work really well as a collection; they typically display unity in the design, repeated lines, common stroke weights and tend to share a theme. We'll have none of that of course, which will be the unique selling point!

What We Want From You

An icon. Or even two. Perhaps even more, but be aware that only the best will make the cut! Once I've collected some really awesome icons I'll publish the final result. Design your icon on a square (a grid of 16x16, each section further divided into 4x4, is a solid basis for designing web glyphs):

Yes, that's a pair of underpants.

A couple of things to bear in mind:

  • Vector format please; preferably SVG, AI, EPS or PDF. It doesn't matter whether you use Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, Inkscape, as long as I can open it and build it into the font file.
  • Make sure that your icon works well small and large.
  • Keep it clean - remove any stray points and join everything together as one uniform shape.
  • Do something interesting! I don't want to see standard web icons, none of your disk images and arrows. Be creative!

The Download Page

This static page will hold the source download (which you can also fork from GitHub if you want). Tweet it, Gee-plus it, tell your Nan about it - the more exposure it gets, the higher the chance of us adding top-notch icons becomes!


The download contains the font files, an .svg file of every icon included, plus usage instructions thanks to Icomoon. Tidy.


When you've finished your icon, zip it up with some information:

  • your name
  • your URL (portfolio, blog etc.)

and send it over!

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