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Community Project: Unordered List Results!

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Wow. Wowzers trousers. Nearly 100 of you have responded to the Community Project gauntlet thrown down just a few days ago! It's great to see how differently the challenge was interpreted too - take a look..

The Challenge

I asked you all to style this simple markup..

..using whatever magic you could muster with CSS alone. Here are the results!

A Couple of Examples

You're welcome to continue submitting ideas for this, but there'll be another challenge coming soon. In the meantime, check out a few of the submissions which most caught my eye:

Secret Doors - by Noel Delgado

Roundabout - by Michael Holcombe

Kittens - by Adam Avramov

Doodle Heart - by Anna Ladoshkina

Flight Information - by Thoriq Firdaus

Console - by Andréas Lundgren

3D Menu - by Irko Palenius

Personal Disclaimer

There's a chance I somehow missed your submission, messed up your name, copied the wrong url to your own site, ruined something I haven't even thought about - if that's the case, just shout at me in the comments and I'll see about setting things right.

Other than that, enjoy everyone's work and leave constructive advice, questions and thoughts in the comments below. Thanks to all who participated - here's to a successful first Webdesigntuts+ Community Project!

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