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Create a Video Player Interface in Fireworks

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In this tutorial, our Fireworks expert Tom Green is going to show us a wide variety of tricks and techniques for working with graphics in Adobe Fireworks. Our ultimate goal will be to create a video player interface, but the lessons are all in watching Tom work with the program.

The Videos

We've been getting a lot of requests for "technique" tutorials in Fireworks that show how to use the program for basic graphical tasks. So, the video tutorial today is as much about the techniques that we're going to use as the final product. We've broken this tutorial down into three videos to make it a bit easier to pick where you want to jump in. The entire video should take about 25 minutes to watch, so kick back and get ready to watch Tom in action!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 3: Finishing Polish

The great thing about working in Fireworks is that once a design is built, you can export it to pretty much any program in the Adobe Suite. This means that you can take this same design to use in a Photoshop mockup or even directly into Flash to use as a working video player.

About the Author

Tom Green is a professor of Interactive Multimedia through the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning’s School of Media Studies. Like all faculty in the program, Tom believes his students deserve to be taught by instructors who are regarded as experts in their field and whose knowledge of their subject is current with industry best practice. He is an Adobe Community Expert, Adobe Education Leader (Post Secondary), Community MX partner and was listed in Adobe's Top Ten Most Influential Flash Designers.

Tom has written several books (9 in all!) and extended tutorials on the topic of Fireworks and web design over the last 7 years, so he's a natural fit to guide us through this incredible program. After this introduction, Tom will be guiding us through the wonderful world of Fireworks with several video tutorials. Alright, now that you know a bit about Tom, let's dig in!

About the Fireworks Pro Series

If you've been wondering about what makes Fireworks tick for a while, this "Session" is being recorded for you!

We're amassing quite a few tutorials for everyone from the beginner to the expert, so be sure to check out our entire library of Fireworks tutorials.

If you have a particular request or question about using Fireworks for web or app design, post it in the comments section along with any of your other thoughts!

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