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Create and Win with the Envato Remix CodePen Challenge!


Several times this year we’ve run CodePen Challenges on Tuts+ and they’ve all been a huge hit. So I’m seriously excited to announce that we’re running another, but taking it to the next level! This time we’re wrapping the challenge up as an Envato Remix contest–the whole Envato community will be involved and we have some brilliant prizes on offer too! 

What’s the Challenge?

We want you to take this pen and remix it. It’s a profile card–so add your personal details (whilst leaving the structural markup intact), then style it with CSS as creatively as you can!

What Can I Win?

We have some cool prizes up for grabs. Big thanks go to PayPal and CodePen for stumping up some goodies, plus we have Envato Market credit, Tuts+ subscriptions, and super-useful Envato Studio credits and discounts to give away!

Grand Prize

  • $200 PayPal Prize
  • CodePen Tee Shirt and Swag Bag
  • 1 year CodePen Pro Account
  • 1 year subscription to Tuts+
  • $150 Envato Studio voucher
  • A “Won a Contest“ Envato Market badge


  • $100 PayPal Prize
  • 1 year CodePen Pro Account
  • 3 month subscription to Tuts+
  • $50 Envato Studio voucher

Third Place

  • $50 PayPal Prize
  • 1 year CodePen Pro Account
  • 3 month subscription to Tuts+
  • Envato Studio 20% discount voucher

How Do I Enter?

All the instructions you need are over on the offical Remix page. Head on over there now to find out how to take part and to keep track of the entries as they flood in!


Envato staff will select and announce all winners on July 20, 2015 via the Envato Market blog. Judges will be looking for a combination of creativity, originality, and technical execution.

Terms & Conditions

We’re Envato, the promoter of this competition, and our promo terms are available on our contest website—please read them!

Good luck! We’ll see you and your pens over on the official contest page!

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