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Envato Market in 60 Seconds: 3rd Party Apps

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If you’re an author on Envato Market you can check your earnings status on the Earnings and Statement pages. But this isn’t the only way to do so; here are three apps you can use to do the same:

3× 3rd Party Apps

1. SalesDonkey

This is a Mac OS app which sits in your menu bar and displays your balance. It can notify you when you make a sale and supports multiple accounts.

2. nWallet

nWallet is an Android app which shows your balance, earnings, sales, and comments. It can also notify you of changes to the above mentioned things.

3. Vatomium

This is iOS only and is arguably the most complete of the three. It works on iPhone and iPad, does everything the previous two examples do, plus it also allows you to browse the Envato Marketplaces.

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