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Envato Market in 60 Seconds: Author Ratings

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In this super-quick video I’ll introduce you to Envato Market’s author ratings. Author ratings are important because they communicate the quality of your items, whilst serving as a metric of customer satisfaction.

Author Ratings

You can find your author rating on the right side of your profile page–for more details open the Reviews tab. Here you’ll find reviews for all your items, including detailed information about which buyers left each review and when. You can choose to leave replies if you feel they’re needed.

author ratingauthor ratingauthor rating
United Themes’ author rating, visible on profile page

In addition to the general ratings, individual items can also be rated. To see an item’s rating, visit its item page where you’ll see the Item Rating box in the sidebar. Here you’ll also see a more information toggle to give you a rating breakdown.

item rating item rating item rating
Item rating for Avada theme

Opening the Reviews tab (which is only visible to the item author) from this point will give you all the ratings for that specific item.

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