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Exclusive Freebie: iOS 7 Omnigraffle and PDF Stencil Kit

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It's not something you'll see very often on Webdesigntuts+ these days, but occasionally we just need a bit of candy, right? Here's a great freebie file for you; an iOS 7 Omnigraffle and PDF stencil kit, courtesy of Sourcebits, free for personal or commercial use. Go get it!

Apple has finally released the new iPhone, and with it a standardized iOS 7 for all Apple devices. There are plenty of changes to the design, such as thinner icons, solid colors, removal of shadows, reduced gradients, and an overall flat aesthetic. This kit* is comprehensive (including select, negative, press and obviously normal states), with image views, list views, nav bar icons, action sheets and so on. It's all pixel perfect and aligned to the grid.

*made with love by Bhargavi Kamakshivalli and Rick Patrick from premium design and engineering studio Sourcebits.

What's Included?

You'll get an Omnigraffle stencil file, which looks a bit like this:


You'll also get a PDF version which you can open in Adobe Illustrator and edit as raw vectors.

What's Omnigraffle?

Omnigraffle is an OSX/iOS application with many purposes, but is chiefly used for creating diagrams, charts and layouts, such as wireframes and user interaction graphics. It's available as a 14 day free trial, and, if you've never used it before, take a look at our Beginner's Guide to Wireframing in Omnigraffle.


It's hardly worth going over really, but once you've downloaded the freebie file, and assuming you have Omnigraffle on your system, double-click the icon and all will be well. You'll have the following, and more, waiting for you in Omnigraffle's "Stencils" window:

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