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15 Feature-Packed Bootstrap Admin Templates


When you’re building something which needs a backend, or a dashboard of some kind, one of the best ways to get your project up and running is with Bootstrap. Open source, community-led, and deeply rooted in industry best practices, Bootstrap has been a shining example of front-end development since its public release back in 2011:

“Our intention is to [push] for newer CSS properties, fewer dependencies, and new technologies across more modern browsers.” – the Bootstrap team

We’ve compiled a list of 15 admin templates to take your Bootstrap admin dashboard one step further, adding style and loads of extra features.

This list is updated regularly to ensure the templates we feature stay current.

Bootstrap Admin templates on Themeforest
Bootstrap Admin Templates on Themeforest

Why Would You Need an Admin Template?

Admin dashboards are the backbone of many a website or web app. If you have any kind of dynamic website you’re going to need some sort of interface to manage the data that goes into it. An admin template gives you the tabular views you’ll need to display records, and the forms you’ll need for data entry.

Or it could be that an admin template forms the basis of your website or web app itself. Perhaps you’re building some kind of public dashboard which shows live data; weather, stock or currency values, or social feeds. Bootstrap admin templates are ideal for this.

Crypto-tracking platform CoinMarketCap’s dashboard looks vaguely familiar...

What Makes a Good Bootstrap Admin Template?

Admin templates are the perfect way to show off what Bootstrap can do! They require logical layouts, accessible and well-organised information, they need to be cleverly responsive, consistent, and display data in an easily digestible manner. They need navigation of various types, solid typography, and they’re the perfect way to play with most of Bootstrap’s components.

Layout Options

Beyond those obvious features, admin templates need plenty of options. What works for one admin dashboard situation won’t necessarily work for another. Templates which include different layout options are much more likely to give you what you want, or inspire you to try something you hadn’t thought about.

When choosing an admin template, make sure there are plenty of page variations for you to try out. Bootstrap gives you the ability to build things out yourself, but page variations in a template show that the author has gone the extra mile.

Charts, Graphs, and Displaying Data

Displaying data can be challenging, and Bootstrap doesn’t include any chart options by default. Instead, the admin templates listed below make good use of various JavaScript chart libraries, such as Chart.js, NVD3, Rickshaw, and more. They make displaying numbers not only functional, but delightful too!

To learn more about working with JavaScript chart libraries, take a look at this collection of tutorials on Tuts+:

Stack Options

What you’re building with can have an impact on your template choice too. All of the templates listed below come as raw HTML files, but many of them have been configured as PHP projects, Angular or AngularJS projects, and some others. Having this flexibility right out of the box could be just what you’re looking for.

Feature-Packed Bootstrap Admin Templates

Without further ado, here’s our list of 15 feature-packed admin templates based on Bootstrap 4. Grab one today and start building your own Bootstrap admin dashboard!

1. Pages - Admin Dashboard Template

Pages is a very stylish way to kick off the list. It comes in HTML format, or built with Angular 5 components, giving you flexibility and performance along with third party extras such as ngx Datatables, E-charts, and more.

Pages - Admin Dashboard Template with Angular 6 Bootstrap 4  HTML
Pages - Admin Dashboard Template with Angular 6, Bootstrap 4 & HTML

2. Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit

Limitless has seen almost 10,000 sales over the years, and having been updated to Bootstrap 4 its sales are likely to continue to rise (especially given its five-star rating). There are five different layout variants to choose from, as well as a Material Design version for each one. Limitless comes with a bunch of starter files to get you on your way, and if you enjoy working with preprocessors you’ll find all the components have their own SCSS and LESS file for easy development. If you prefer vanilla CSS, you can always use the CSS files instead.

Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit
Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit

3. Dashforge Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

New for 2019, Dashforge is a highly capable which has already racked up a ton of sales relative to its peers. A selection of different dashboard demos make it easy for you to pick and choose the components you’ll need for your own admin, analytics dashboard, and application projects. Take a look at the cryptocurrency example below to see just how well it displays vast amounts of data in a clear and accessible way:

Dashforge Responsive Admin Dashboard Template
Dashforge Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

4. Fily - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

Fily is another clean theme to enhance Bootstrap dashboards. Created only recently it’s a newcomer to the category, and caters to a modern, no-nonsense taste. It includes dark and light versions (something any decent admin template should offer) plus horizontal and vertical variants. Among its advanced components you’ll find Dragula (for drag ‘n’ drop UI), ChartJS, Google Charts, Sortable tables, and Colcade (a lightweight masonry layout).

Fily - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template
Fily - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

5. Mid - Creative Dashboard Template

Armed with two different dashboards and over fifty different page layouts, Mid offers plenty of options. Its added extras include Owl Carousel, BarRating, Circle Progress, and Datamap, and while there aren’t any color scheme alternatives the blue really works well.

Mid - Creative Dashboard Template
Mid - Creative Dashboard Template

6. Gull - Angular 8+ Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Gull is a light theme with plenty of contrast to draw focus to the data. There are many layout options, plus some color variants which allow you to switch the sidebar color–however for the most part the design decisions have been made for you. 

The extra components are extremely powerful, including things like an invoice builder, an inbox app, a functional chat interface, and much more. Available as two separate products, you’ll need this link for the Angular 7 version, and this link for the Laravel version.

Gull - Angular 7 Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template
Gull - Angular 7+ Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

7. ProUI - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

ProUI is one of several admin templates in this list from Elite author pixelcave. ProUI enhances and extends Bootstrap, offering fifteen color schemes, a whole collection of page layouts and widgets, plus 11 PSDs if you happen to need them.

ProUI - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template
ProUI - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

8. OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

OneUI is another Bootstrap theme from pixelcave, this one including Laravel support and accompanying Sass files. In terms of design OneUI comes with six color variants, plenty of layout examples, and extensive documentation. Plus check out the slick ChartJS examples in the screenshot below!

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template  Laravel Starter Kit
OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template & Laravel Starter Kit

9. Porto Admin - Responsive HTML5 Template

Porto has been mentioned by us at Tuts+ many times over the years, and has become something of a household name. Its sister products, the Porto HTML5 theme, WordPress theme, Drupal, Magento, and Shopify versions, have racked up tens of thousands of sales between them, and the admin version is on its way too. Updated to Bootstrap 4, Porto Admin offers light and dark styles, dashboards, an inbox UI, widgets, and extras, so there’s plenty to get stuck into.

Porto Admin - Responsive HTML5 Template
Porto Admin - Responsive HTML5 Template

10. Ubold Admin - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Ubold is another template to offer light and dark versions, plus you can choose the purple version, or the Material Design version (shown below). Combined, these give you over 2,000 page variants, so there’s a lot to take in. Ubold includes a landing page template (always handy) and some brilliant layouts like a Kanban board, a calendar, a contacts page, and project cards, all ready for you to add your own functionality to. You’ll also find simple CRM and eCommerce applications wrapped up in the download package too.

Ubold - Responsive Admin Dashboard  Web UI Kit Template
Ubold - Responsive Admin Dashboard & Web UI Kit Template

11. Adminto - Admin Dashboard Template

Adminto makes great use of whitespace and clear layouts, offering a good combination of dark and light theme variants, with lots of page examples to play with. It comes packed with several chart libraries, an email inbox UI, draggable blocks, a task block layout, onboarding tour, timeline, and many more toys.

Adminto - Responsive Admin  Dashboard Template
Adminto - Responsive Admin & Dashboard Template

12. Able pro 7.0 Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

The first thing you’ll notice about Able Pro is its impactful color scheme. The colors are changeable, and the available swatches all make a strong impression. Available in HTML and Angular versions, Able Pro has a ton of extra page demos which you don’t see in many other Bootstrap admin templates: a social media wall, a task list, Todo cards, and a job board are just some of the more unusual examples.

Able pro 70 Responsive Bootstrap 4  Angular 7 Admin Template
Able Pro 7.0 Responsive Bootstrap 4 & Angular 7 Admin Template

13. Dashmix - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

This is another example from elite Themeforest author pixelcave. Dashmix is a fully responsive Bootstrap 4 admin template with Laravel support. Version 1.5 was recently released (something which Dashmix buyers all have access to) with a ton of additions, like the Chat Component, 3 new color schemes, icons for checkboxes and radios, analytics page, more auth pages—these features alone are worth taking a look!

Dashmix - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template  Laravel Starter Kit
Dashmix - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template & Laravel Starter Kit

14. Espire - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Espire comes in Angular 7 and HTML flavors, with clear documentation to explain the setup process. In terms of aesthetics this admin template comes with bright and impactful highlight color options, but keeps the bulk of its style clean, light, and open.

Espire - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template  Angular 7
Espire - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template + Angular 7

15. JustDo - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

JustDo is a seriously stylish theme to finish off with. Its sharp edges and clean lines make for a very clear admin. It delivers all the light/dark options and color variants you’ll have come to expect, along with all the layout examples and extras you’ll need for inspiration. The dark variant seen in the screenshot below is very easy on the eyes, and the optional hero block is the perfect place for important information which needs attention.

JustDo - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template
JustDo - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

More Bootstrap Templates!

Learn Bootstrap

We have a ton of resources on Tuts+ and the Envato blog to help you learn about Bootstrap. If you’re interested in one of the templates listed above, but you’re not sure what to do with it, take a look!

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