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18 Festive Icons and Graphics for Capturing the Holiday Spirit

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Looking for a way to add some extra cheer to your holiday communications? Check out these festive icons and graphics that will help you capture the holiday spirit! 

We’re in the thick of the holiday season now and as you update sales pages and create seasonal coupons, it’s also a good idea to see if there are other ways to entice site visitors with some extra merry touches.

Icons, graphics, and backgrounds can quickly spruce up your webpages with a festive holiday look and feel.

From Santa to snowflakes, holiday lights to stockings, plenty of images can capture the spirit of the season. So get creative and start spreading some holiday joy!

18 Icons and Graphics for Celebrating the Holidays on Your Website

Looking for a way to add some extra cheer to your holiday communications? Check out these festive icons and graphics that will help you capture the holiday spirit!

1. Holiday Greeting Cards and Banners

holiday greeting cards and bannersholiday greeting cards and bannersholiday greeting cards and banners

Greet your site visitors with a festive banner featuring holiday decorations, snowflakes, and seasonal messages. This set includes illustrations of Santa waving, a family building a snowman, people carrying presents, and people decorating a tree.

2. Holidays - 35 High-Quality Solid Icons

holiday solid iconsholiday solid iconsholiday solid icons

This set includes 35 different holiday-themed icons, including a Christmas tree, festive lights, snowflakes, mistletoe, and gift boxes. Add some extra sparkle to your pages with these eye-catching graphics without deviating too far from your original site design.

3. Christmas Typography Set

christmas typography setchristmas typography setchristmas typography set

If you’re looking to add some unique typography to your website, this set includes several hand-crafted designs. From whimsical snowflakes and Christmas trees to joyful messages and holiday greetings, it’s a great way to make your pages pop.

4. 47 Christmas Icons

47 christmas icons47 christmas icons47 christmas icons

This set of 47 icons includes everything from Santa to sleighs, wreaths, snowmen, and much more. The icons are available in both vector format and SVG files so you can customize the size and color to get just the look you want and they’re so simple they can be integrated well into just about any area of your site with ease.

5. Christmas Snowball Design

Christmas snowball designChristmas snowball designChristmas snowball design

This set includes a delicate array of wintery designs including a snow globe, deer, trees, and poinsettia and are perfect for adding a festive touch to your site. With all the elements included in this pack, you can create unique graphics, banners, backdrops and more.

6. Christmas Line Icons

christmas line iconschristmas line iconschristmas line icons

Another option is this set of line icons that includes cute illustrations of Christmas trees, snowflakes, Santa and other symbols associated with the holidays. The files are available in several formats including AI, EPS, JPG, PNG, and SVG, which makes it easy to customize your graphics to fit perfectly into any design.

7. Christmas Nutcracker Design

Christmas nutcracker designChristmas nutcracker designChristmas nutcracker design

Now if you’re looking for something a bit vintage, this set features several different designs of nutcrackers, toys, ornaments, and other Christmas designs that are perfect for adding a classic holiday touch to your website. The pack includes festive images such as a rocking horse, ornaments, candy canes, ornaments, and more.

8. Christmas Flat Icons Set

christmas flat icons setchristmas flat icons setchristmas flat icons set

Bring some holiday cheer to your website visitors with this set of 12 flat icons, all in bright and festive colors. With unique designs such as snowflakes, Christmas trees and gifts, these icons are perfect for creating banners or graphics for your site.

9. Hanukkah Web Flat Icons Set

hanukkah web flat icons sethanukkah web flat icons sethanukkah web flat icons set

If you celebrate Hanukkah, this set of colorful icons is a great way to incorporate the holiday into your website design. From dreidels and menorahs to gifts and stars, all the elements are included in this pack.

10. 20 Hanukkah Icons

20 hanukkah icons20 hanukkah icons20 hanukkah icons

This set of 20 icons features bright and cheerful Hanukkah related designs such as dreidels, candles, menorahs, stars of David, and more. The files are available in vector format so you can easily resize or customize the icons to fit your design needs.

11. 15 Christmas Seamless Patterns

15 Christmas seamless patterns15 Christmas seamless patterns15 Christmas seamless patterns

This set of 15 understated patterns is a great way to add some holiday spirit to your website’s background graphics. Each pattern features traditional Christmas elements such as snowflakes, holly leaves, candy canes, and more.

12. Cute Cartoon Bear Celebrating Christmas Vector

cute cartoon bear celebrating christmascute cartoon bear celebrating christmascute cartoon bear celebrating christmas

Make your website extra special this holiday season with this fun vector illustration of a cute cartoon bear celebrating Christmas. This adorable character is full of festive cheer, and the vector file allows you to edit and customize it however you like.

13. Christmas Backgrounds

Christmas backgroundsChristmas backgroundsChristmas backgrounds

Add some extra festive cheer to your website with this set of 9 colorful backgrounds featuring imagery such as snowflakes, trees, stars and more. The files are available in JPG format so you can easily resize them for any area of your site.

14. Santa Claus Celebrating Christmas Vector Illustration

santa claus celebrating christmassanta claus celebrating christmassanta claus celebrating christmas

This cheerful vector illustration of Santa Claus celebrating Christmas is perfect for adding a bit of festive fun to your website. The vector file makes it easy to customize the design, so you can make sure it perfectly fits with your page’s theme.

15. Christmas Background with Snowflakes and Stars

christmas backgroundchristmas backgroundchristmas background

This beautiful background features delicate snowflakes and stars, making it perfect for any website that wants to give visitors a festive feeling. The file is available in JPG format and can easily be resized for use in banners, graphics or other areas of your site.

16. Christmas Tree Glitters

christmas tree glitterschristmas tree glitterschristmas tree glitters

This fun Christmas tree glitter background is perfect for adding some sparkle and shine to your website. The files are available in JPG format, so you can easily resize them for any area of your page.

17. Happy Christmas Seamless Pattern

happy christmas seamless pattern happy christmas seamless pattern happy christmas seamless pattern

This merry Christmas seamless pattern is perfect if you’re looking to add some festive cheer to your website. The JPG and PNG files are easy to use, so you can quickly tailor the design to fit perfectly with your page’s theme.

18. Christmas Knitted Ornaments Backgrounds

christmas knitted ornaments backgroundchristmas knitted ornaments backgroundchristmas knitted ornaments background

This set of 8 backgrounds is perfect for adding a cozy and homely touch to your website. The designs feature knitted ornaments in festive colors such as red, green and gold. The file types included here are JPG, PNG, SVG, FIG, and Sketch, offering you a great deal of flexibility.

How to Use Festive Icons and Graphics on Your Website

Now that you’ve got a selection of holiday icons and graphics to choose from, it’s time to put them into action.

Here are a few ways to get the most out of your festive icons and graphics:

Swap Out Your Website’s Header

One of the easiest and most effective ways to give your site a holiday makeover is by changing out the header image.

Choose an eye-catching holiday graphic that will grab visitors’ attention and immediately draw them in. Place it at the top of your homepage, sales page or any other page you want to dress up for the holidays.

Create CTA Buttons

Holiday-themed call to action (CTA) buttons can also be used to draw attention to various sales, deals or offers you have going on during the holidays.

Choose an icon or graphic that is relevant to whatever it is you’re promoting and use it as part of the button. When building your CTA buttons, be sure to use bright colors to help them stand out on the page.

Add Holiday-Themed Banners

festive table setting festive table setting festive table setting
You can find plenty of holiday-themed images and banners on Envato Elements.

Banners are a great way to highlight seasonal sales and promotions or simply just add some extra holiday cheer to your website.

You can create banners that feature holiday-themed graphics, festive colors or cheerful messages. Place them at the top of your page or in a prominent spot to draw attention and encourage people to take action.

Add a Holiday Background

To really get into the holiday spirit, you can even add a festive background image to your website.

Choose an image with some wintery elements, like snowflakes or holly berries and set it as the backdrop for your site. This will provide a fun splash of color and make sure visitors know that you are in the holiday spirit!

Use Holiday Graphics in Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are another great way to draw attention to special offers or sales. You can use a holiday graphic as part of the pop-up design, as well as festive colors and messaging.

Update CTA Forms

Lastly, don’t forget about your CTA forms. These are the forms people fill out to get access to webinars, ebooks or other content from your site.

You can make them more inviting by adding a holiday graphic and some cheerful colors. This will help capture people’s attention and let them know that you are celebrating the season.

Add Festive Graphics to Email Blasts

Finally, don’t forget about your email blasts! You can add holiday-themed graphics to the header and footer of your emails to make them look more festive.

Holiday email templatesHoliday email templatesHoliday email templates
Holiday email templates add the seasonal touch your emails might be missing. Find numerous templates on Envato Elements.

You can also create banners for special holiday sales or promotions that you want to showcase in the body of your emails. This will help draw attention and encourage readers to take action. Plus, it’ll create a sense of synchronicity between your website and email designs.

Finally, you can also swap out your website’s logo for a festive holiday version. This is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and add a fun touch to your website design. Choose an image with some festive elements and place it in the same spot where you normally have your logo. This will give visitors the feeling that your site is celebrating the season!

Get More Tips for Adding Holiday Fun to Your Website

Looking for even more inspiration? There are tons more articles and tutorials on Envato Tuts+ you can browse to get more ideas for adding holiday fun to your website. Here are few hand-selected for you:

The Holiday Season on Your Website Starts Now

We hope these ideas will get the creative juices flowing and you’ll find lots of ways to incorporate seasonal icons and graphics into your website for the holidays! With just a few clicks, you can quickly make your website look festive and inviting. So don’t wait—it’s time to get started! Happy holidays from Envato Tuts+!

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