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First Look: The New Scripting Features of Adobe Edge

Read Time: 1 min

Edge Preview release 3 introduces code snippets and the ability to add interactivity to your presentations. In this collection of 3 screencasts we'll take a look at the new features, and put them to work in an interactive slideshow.

1: Introduction

Let's begin by seeing how code is added to elements and the timeline. Additionally, I'll demonstrate the new Script panel where you can add snippets at the click of a mouse or "roll your own" code.

2: Slideshow

In this screencast we'll put the new features to work by creating and coding up a slideshow with linear navigation.

3: Going Beyond

This final tutorial takes our slideshow to the next level and demonstrates how non-linear navigation can be added to an Edge presentation. Along the way I'll show you a number of productivity tips and even visit Fireworks to rapidly create the assets used in the slideshows.

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