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Getting Started with Fireworks: Using Hotspots


Today we'll be looking at using "Hot Spots", aka the Internal Linking tool, in Fireworks - this awesome little tool allows you to essentially create "links" inside of your Fireworks document that link to Pages in your site, or external URLs. We'll walk you through how to use the basic interface elements for this feature and we'll create a simple project to showcase the various ways you can add hot spots to your own projects.

Getting Started With Fireworks

This is the part of our series of Getting Start with Fireworks posts where we’re be examining the program and what it has to offer to web designers. If you haven't used Fireworks before, or even if you're just a little confused as to what makes it so great for web designers, this is a great place to start out!

About the Hot Spot Tool in Fireworks

The Hot Spot tool in Fireworks is actually pretty simple to use:

  1. Select an item that you want to act as a "link" in your document
  2. Apply a destination URL or page in your document
  3. That's it!

Using it can be a bit tricky if you've never really worked with Fireworks before though, so in this video, Connor Turnbull is going to show us how to use the tool to create hot spots, or internal links, in your own Fireworks based projects! Let's get started:

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