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I'm Sticking With Mozilla

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I'm a big Mozilla fan (as they're the only one of the big players still with a genuine, open view of the web) and am still clinging to the humble little fox as my browser of choice. So when new Moz things appear I get all excited - here are my latest five..

Thumbnail illustration by Scott Hill

Command Line Interface

Take a look at this command line interface for browser manipulation, coming soon to Firefox.

Command Line InterfaceCommand Line InterfaceCommand Line Interface

iPad Browser

How about an iPad browser which genuinely tries to improve the tablet browsing experience? (Live demo in the video at the bottom of the article.)

iPad BrowseriPad BrowseriPad Browser

Mozilla Thimble

This is great; a beginners' playground for learning HTML, CSS and JS that allows you to publish live when you're done.

Mozilla ThimbleMozilla ThimbleMozilla Thimble

Boot to Gecko

The Boot to Gecko project aims to make the open web the platform for mobile devices. Take a look at this demo too.

Boot to GeckoBoot to GeckoBoot to Gecko

Developer Tools

Download Firefox Nightly to try out some of the coming features, such as developer tools with its Layout view and Responsive mode.

There's some really interesting stuff happening over in Mozilla land. I'm staying put.

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