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Introducing Gumby: An Alternative CSS Framework

This post is part of a series called Getting to Know Gumby.
Setting Up Gumby With the Claymate Command Line Tool

Let me introduce you to Gumby; a flexible CSS framework, currently at version 2.5. Gumby is packed with useful features, which we'll examine throughout the course of a few screencast tutorials. We'll begin by exploring its straightforward CSS variant, the UI kit, the grid, a host of other tricks, then in later videos we'll take a look at Gumby's Sass version.


The original recording of this screencast is around an hour long; more time than a lot of people will be prepared to spend on being introduced to a framework! Here's a quick start guide:

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Introducing Gumby 2.5

Here's the in-depth version of the video. Grab a coffee and get comfy..

Alternatively, Download the video, or subscribe to Webdesigntuts+ screencasts via YouTube

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