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It's Been an Amazing Launch Month at Webdesigntuts+!


It's hard to believe that it's just been a month since we launched here at Webdesigntuts+, but it's the truth! Thanks to the rest of the Tuts+ network and an amazing community, we've set some pretty impressive milestones already... and the next month will only get better. Read on to find out what's next!

Launch Month Review

Not bad for a launch month!

Our readers (that's you!) make up one of the best communities of designers, developers and creatives out there!

As you can see from the graphic, we set some great milestones in just 30 days since the launch. The reason is pretty simple: our readers (that's you!) make up one of the best communities of designers, developers and creatives out there!

The Tuts+ educational network is stronger than ever, and we're excited to keep on bringing you content that's helpful, informative, and hopefully a little bit fun and provocative as well. Our goal is to bring content that does more than just teach, we want to spark discussions and idea generation that everyone can benefit from.

What's Next?

While our launch month was great, the next month is going to get even better! We already have a stellar lineup of in depth Articles, Tutorials, and some exclusive Freebies from a diverse and talented group of authors.

We've listened to the content requests as well, so we're specifically going to start bringing in more:

  • Complete Design Tutorials
  • In Depth Site Critiques
  • Design Theory Posts
  • Resource Roundups (useful lists, not linkspam!)

Subscribe for Updates (it's Free!)

The only way to make this even better is to keep on growing the community here. So, if you like what we've been delivering so far, sign up for updates. Subscribing is free, easy, and we offer a variety of ways to suit your preference.

Use the links at the top right corner of the site to subscribe via email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, or anything other way you can think up :)

Get Involved

Lastly, I want to personally invite everyone to get involved! Leave a comment on articles that you enjoyed, start a discussion, or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, or our Flickr Web Design Group where we already have hundreds of people posting their own great designs!

You can get paid to contribute your own articles and tuts: Write for us!

If you have any of your own comments, suggestions, or requests: post them down below in the comments - we read each and every comment and they play a huge role in what kinds of content we publish each week.

To everyone out there that's already been helping to make this launch month one to remember: Thanks!

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