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Learn CSS With Our New Bundle

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Want to get started with CSS? This bundle gives you everything you need in one convenient place. Across six courses with more than 13 hours of video, you’ll learn the terminology needed to work with CSS, how to organise your CSS using SMACCS, the advanced features available with LESS, and how to build a coming soon page using your new skills.

The best part? It's just $59 (a saving of 60% on the $150 value of included courses). Head to the bundle page to preview the courses and learn more.

What You'll Learn

  • CSS tips & tricks
  • CSS terminology
  • CSS essentials
  • The SMACCS front-end framework
  • The advanced features of LESS
  • How to use CSS to build a coming soon page

You may also want to take this free Tuts+ course, especially if you are starting from the very beginning:

Start Learning CSS

If you're ready to learn CSS, then get started with our new bundle!

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