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Meet Tuts+ Survey Prize Winner David Kehrer

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Name: David Kehrer

Location: Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Topics of Interest: Web Design, Design & Illustration and Code   

Occupation: Creative Director at digital marketing agency Oneupweb

In previous posts, we introduced you to South African graphic artist Catherine Dawes, and Brazilian web designer Tassia Pellegrini. Now it's time for you to meet our third prize-winner, David Kehrer of Traverse City, Michigan.

Tuts Prize winner David KehrerTuts Prize winner David KehrerTuts Prize winner David Kehrer

At the beginning of his design career, David had a problem. He'd earned a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Ferris State University, and was working at a nonprofit creating a variety of print materials for fundraising campaigns. But because he'd worked primarily in print, he had a limited amount of knowledge about the web. 

So when he took a job at a digital marketing agency, he knew he had to do some studying. He purchased a Tuts+ subscription to help him learn and get up to speed on the web design industry. 

The hard work paid off, as he quickly picked up all the skills he needed, and not only survived in his new job but thrived, impressing his coworkers and winning a speedy promotion.

Three years later, I'm the Creative Director and I recommend Tuts+ to young designers and new employees. 

He now works on a wide range of projects that include website design, branding, and developing responsive design and development processes for our team. He says that the area in which he has learned the most from Tuts+ is responsive design.

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As well as advising aspiring designers to brush up their skills with online learning, David also recommends learning from those around them.

Learn from your peers and senior level team members by asking them “why?” They were also once new to the industry and their input has a deeper meaning than, “because I said so".

If you'd like to find out more about David and his career in web design, you can connect with him via LinkedIn.  

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