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New Course: Form Validation With Parsley

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If you ever have to tackle form validation, you can save yourself a lot of time and headaches by taking our new short course, Form Validation With Parsley. In it, you'll learn to do form validation the easy way, using the Parsley JavaScript library.

What You’ll Learn

Form validation can be a tedious process if you opt to do it all yourself. Fortunately for us, however, we don’t have to. In this course, Craig Campbell will demonstrate how the Parsley JavaScript library can do all of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to validating forms.

Parsley JavaScript libraryParsley JavaScript libraryParsley JavaScript library

You'll learn all about getting set up and activating Parsley, and then you'll see how it works in detail, with lessons on required fields, string validation, checkbox validation, comparing values, and more.

Watch the Introduction

Take the Course

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