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4 Next-Level HTML Courses

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HTML is, of course, one of the basic foundations of web design. If you're working or aspiring to work as a web designer, you're probably already very familiar with creating basic HTML markup.

But are you up to speed with everything that HTML has to offer, including more recent developments? Do you know the best way to lay out your content semantically? Are you fully up to speed with the latest web accessibility standards? Do you know how to use Jade to slash your development time in half?

In these four courses, you'll learn those crucial skills you need to take your HTML work to the next level. Read on and watch the quick introduction videos to learn more.

1. Semantic HTML: How to Structure Web Pages

These days most web designers and developers are familiar with the term “semantic markup”. But do you really know what it means? Do you know how to properly lay out your HTML5 markup? In this short course, Craig Campbell will show you how to lay out your content semantically, making your web pages readable for humans and machines alike.

2. Solid HTML Form Structure

Creating forms in HTML is more complicated than just throwing up a few input boxes and a submit button. In this short course with Craig Campbell, you will learn how to properly structure your forms, including how to make them accessible and perform client-side validation.

3. Top-Speed HTML Development With Jade

If you’re not using Jade, you’re missing out on some of the fastest HTML you’ll ever write, as well as boilerplate templating methods that will slash your development time in half. 

In Top-Speed HTML Development With Jade, Kezz Bracey will teach you how to generate full HTML from quick and easy shorthand. You’ll then build on that foundation to create infinitely reusable templates so you never again have to write the same code twice.

4. A Beginner's Guide to Web Accessibility

Access to the web is becoming a basic human right, but many sites are inaccessible to people with a wide range of disabilities. In this course, John Hartley will teach you about the different disabilities that must be accounted for, the benefits to all users when your site is more accessible, and how to be proactive when it comes to conforming with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Whether you're a designer, developer, project manager or CEO, this course will help you realize that accessibility is worth the time it takes to make improvements, and it's not much extra effort if added into the workflow of a project. At the end of the day, if you make even one site improvement, the Internet will be a better place.

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