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Quick Tip: Speed Up Your Workflow With Photoshop Actions

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Avoiding repetitive tasks is always going to speed up your workflow. In today's Quick Tip we'll do just that, by utilizing Photoshop's actions panel and combining it with hotkeys. Watch this quick screencast and I guarantee you'll save tons of time next time you're designing!

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Speeding Up the Slicing Action Even More..

Thanks to Roel for this addition!

After you’ve added the "Save for Web menu item", instead of adding a new "Insert Menu Item Option" with "File Close", just close the document and select "Don’t Save".

This will also create a Close action but with option "Saving: no" added to it.

By creating the action like this, the only thing you need to do after starting the action is save the slice in the "Save for Web & Devices". After hitting the "save button" you’ll return to your original Photoshop document without having to close the sliced document first.

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