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Reader's Poll! Are You a Freelancer or a Studio Web Designer?


This week's poll is all about who you work for... or rather, whether you're a freelance web designer or you work for a design agency, studio, or any other company that pays you to stick around the same place. Post your own answer at the poll, and then join the discussion!

Who Do You Work For?

I'm sure there are a thousand shades of gray between hardcore work-from-home freelancers and purebred design agency designers, so let's simplify this just a bit for the sake of the poll: Who do you work for? Does a company issue you a pay check on a regular basis?... Or do you work as you please and send out invoices when it's time to get paid? Chances are good that if you don't have to clock in and out of a company 5 days a week, you're some shade of freelance designer, but feel free to discuss it down below!

Let the Discussion Begin!

Perhaps a more interesting question for the discussion section (now that you've answered the poll) is who you actually want to be working for. Lots of freelancers dream of working for a big agency, and lots of agency designers dream of owning their own studio... what's your own dream job?

  • If you work for a design agency, do you like it? What parts?
  • If you work as a freelancer, what made you decide on this direction?
  • What aspects of your job-style do you wish you could change?

So far these weekly reader's polls have been turning up hundreds of excellent comments and discussions... so let's dive into the good stuff. Oh, and don't forget to post answers on the other open poll questions!

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